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Equivalencies Made Easy. An important part of transferring to a new institution is knowing the number of credits that transferred and how they transferred. Transfer & Transition Services evaluates courses that may satisfy FIUs University Core Curriculum (UCC), which is essentially the first two years of college, or General Education requirements. Our evaluation process is holistic, [ Use the Transfer Equivalency Database to find the equivalent FIU course for your transfer credits. You can also use the Transfer Guide, but if you're transferring from a private institution, out-of-state institution, or international institution, we recommend using the titles of the prerequisites as an initial reference. Exam Credit FIU may not accept all credits and certain credits may not count for the same classes (for example an English course at one college may not count as an English credit at FIU). You can verify your credits by: Searching the Transfer Equivalency Database; Using transfer guides; Learning more about the transfer credit polic Transfer Credits 101. FIU accepts transfer credits from nationally accredited institutions,* including those that participate in Florida's Statewide Course Numbering System (SCNS). 60 = Maximum number of lower-division credits applied toward the bachelor's degree. 30 = Maximum number of upper-division credits applied toward the bachelor's degree. If you transfer with more than 60 lower.

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Transfer Credits 101. FIU accepts transfer credits from regionally accredited institutions and nationally accredited institutions that participate in Florida's Statewide Course Numbering System (SCNS). 60 = Maximum number of lower-division credits applied toward the baccalaureate degree. 30 = Maximum number of upper-division credits applied toward the baccalaureate degree. If you transfer. FIU Transfer and Transition Services is the academic hub for transfer related needs and resources Modesto A. Maidique Campus 11200 SW 8th Street, SASC 440 Miami, FL 33199 Tel: 305.348.3844 transfer@fiu.edu. Map Location. Visit us on Faceboo Ready, Set, Accelerate! Credit-by-exam allows students to accelerate their studies by earning college credit through examination. While most exams are completed in high school, some are available in college, including CLEP and DSST, which are great options for non-traditional learners who may need to complete FIUs University Core Curriculum (UCC). Passing scores satisfy FIUs (UCC) [ An international transfer is a student who has fully enrolled in a 2 or 4 year higher education institution and would like to continue their academic career at FIU. U.S Passport holders and permanent residents studying abroad are not considered international transfers

A Carnegie Foundation R1 top-tier institution, FIU is a solutions center for world's most pressing challenges. Driven by a spirit of invention, a drive for innovation, and the support of more than $100 million of awards, our research opportunities can take you from the top of the world to the bottom of the ocean Florida International University Undergraduate Admissions P.O. Box 659003 Miami, FL 33265-9003 Florida International University Graduate Admissions P.O. Box 659004 Miami, FL 33265-9004 Connec Access the equivalency database to determine if a course taken at another University will transfer in place of a required FIU course. Access the prerequisite database to find out the prerequisites for courses that you are planning to take. Access the course syllabi by semester, instructor, or course The responsible FIU department will examine the course syllabi and approve or disapprove the equivalency by signing the equivalency form. The signed equivalency form will then be returned to the Civil Engineering Advisor for approval (or disapproval), and the student records will be updated accordingly

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As Miami's first and only public research university, offering bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees, FIU is worlds ahead in its service to the academic and local community. Designated as a top-tier research institution, FIU emphasizes research as a major component in the university's mission After admission to SIU, transfer credit is evaluated for acceptance toward University Core Curriculum (UCC) and degree requirements. Remedial, developmental or pre‐college coursework will not be accepted for transfer credit. Review and evaluation of courses for UCC credit is determined by the office of Articulation & Evaluation 4202 E. Fowler Avenue, SVC 2002, Tampa, FL 33620, USA 813-974-405 1 *These courses have pre-requisites; please check the catalog or with an advisor. 6/17/20 FIU UNIVERSITY CORE CURRICULUM The UCC is required of freshmen admitted to FIU beginning Summer B 2015 and transfer students beginning Fall 2015 FIU has a couple of ways to figure out how your prior courses transfer; first there is the Transfer Equivalency Database (TED) where you can view course equivalencies from hundreds U.S. colleges and universities. There is also the Office of Transfer and Transition Services, transfer.fiu.edu, where you can speak with someone by phone, email or chat

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Modesto A. Maidique 11200 SW 8th Street, SASC 428 Miami, FL 33199 305-348-9951 acs@fiu.edu Biscayne Bay Campus 3000 NE 151 Street, ACI 180 North Miami, FL 33181 305-919-5754 Connect Contact U TRANSFER CREDIT EQUIVALENCY EVALUATION FORM Please READ and FOLLOW the Equivalency Evaluation Procedures listed on the back of this form.Course descriptions of approved courses MUST be attached. Student Name: UM/ID#: Cell phone number: _ UM Email: _ Degree: Major(s): Minor(s): Current Status: Freshman (0 -29 credits) Sophomore (30 59 credits) Junior (60 89 credits) Senior (90+ credits) Total.

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Transfer Course Equivalencies. This course conversion chart is based on the Eastern Florida State College common course numbering system. Course numbers may vary from college to college. Therefore, if there is a question regarding course transferability, please contact the admissions office at (321) 674-8030 In 2019, FIU received 12824 transfer applicants. The school accepted 9690 students. Therefore, the transfer acceptance rate for FIU is 75.56%. This indicates how hard it is to transfer into FIU. You can use the free calculator below to predict your chances of getting accepted Transfer course grades are not included in any FIU GPA calculations. The university reserves the right to deny transfer credits outside the scope of this policy. For other types of transfer credit, refer to Policy 340.350 Credit used to Accelerat Download Florida International University Transfer Requirements doc. Or for transfer and international transfer requirements are interested in several fields or act scores than your current students interested in a database of your sat or general university. College or equivalent in florida university transfer requirements when applying t

This articulation agreement states that FIU will accept a minimum of 60 transferable undergraduate credits and consider all BC International Center students that have earned a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher to be eligible for a Transfer Award as described in the agreement Participants enroll in the equivalent of 12 or more credits towards major, minor or general degree program requirements. Students still pay FIU tuition and are able to receive all the same scholarships and financial aid they normally would for on-campus courses Transfer. You are applying to FIU having earned your AA, 12 or more college credits, or military credits. Connect4Success. Florida International University Undergraduate Admissions P.O. Box 659003 Miami, FL 33265-9003. The top part allows you to enter your transfer courses to see the equivalency at Purdue West Lafayette. The bottom part allows you to look at possible transfer courses by the Purdue course. Statu

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Note: When preparing for transfer to a state university, please review the university's Transfer Student Counseling Manual, rather than the catalog. This manual is designed to assist transfer students from the Florida public community colleges. You will find a list of course prerequisites needed for transfer Florida International University is a Top 50 public university that drives real talent and innovation in Miami and globally. High research (R1) activity and high social mobility come together at FIU to uplift and accelerate learner success in a global city by focusing in the areas of environment, health, innovation, and justice These tracks are no longer accepting new students. Prospective students should refer to the BS in Rehabilitation and Recreational Therapy.. Freshman Applicant criteria - for students entering FIU as a freshman or transfer student with fewer than 60 credits ; Transfer Applicant criteria - for transfer students entering FIU with 60 or more transfer credit

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Courses from universities with accreditation from the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) will be transferred under the discretion of the department. Course equivalencies will be determined solely by the department advisor, and Chairperson. Any other faculty member in the Department, College, or University cannot officially grant transfer credits under any circumstances. Freshman Applicant criteria - for students entering FIU as a freshman or transfer student with fewer than 60 credits; Transfer Applicant criteria - for transfer students entering FIU with 60 or more transfer credits; Before being admitted to the BA in Psychology program, students must complete the following This is Transfer and Admissions Information for Florida State University. Students can compare College and University transfer information before changing colleges, switching majors or transfer courses

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Students can transfer up to 60 lower division and 30 upper division courses to FIU. Only 18 credits of transferred upper division coursework can be used to satisfy the requirements for the Psychology major. To determine whether the courses you completed at a another college or university are equivalent to the courses offered at FIU, visit th Students transferring from Florida State/Community Colleges as well as State University System of Florida public universities can have coursework transferred as part of Florida's Statewide Course Numbering system.This operates with courses equating by having the same 3 letters of the prefix and last 3 numbers of the course number Transfer credit equivalent for MAC 2311 Calculus I or higher. Through the test credits described above. You must provide official transcripts/test results from each institution attended or agency for coursework or examinations to be considered for credit. Transcripts/results must be official, sealed and received by FIU's Office of Admissions. Transfer course equivalents Use our transfer course equivalents tool to check if courses you've completed at other institutions will transfer to Virginia Commonwealth University. This resource only reflects course equivalents and is intended solely for reference purposes

Transfer Equivalency Guides by Major. The guides below are a reference for students who have attended other colleges and universities. The courses listed in each guide are not requirements for admission to the University of Houston. Instead, they show how courses taken at other colleges or universities would transfer to UH as credit Baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution for higher education (or equivalent), with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 for the last two years of undergraduate work, or current enrollment in an FIU graduate program Develop action plan for posting transfer credits into the students records database such that new students can see their course equivalencies on the unofficial FIU transcript as well as on their SASS report I have learned many of the struggles facing low-income children and have worked to tutor, mentor and encourage them to the best of my ability

The equivalencies for transfer coursework on this page are for advising purposes and are subject to change without notice. The following guidelines are used when considering transfer credit: Courses must be completed at a regionally, ABHE, ATS or TRACS accredited institution. Courses must be baccalaureate-level courses.. Admissions | Florida International Universit • For continuing FIU and transfer students the GPA earned for ALL business pre-core courses must be 2.5. ACG 2021 Accounting for Decision ACG 3301 Accounting for Planning and Control CGS 2100 Introduction to Microcomputer Applications for Business or CGS 2060 Introduction to Microcomputer Students who have accepted their admission to the Honors College will be activated as Honors students so that they may register for an Honors course for the Fall semester. Your enrollment date is based on your status (Freshman and Transfer students receive access at FIU Orientation; Current FIU students can enroll during Fall registration*) Step 1: Review the requirements to declare a major in the College of Business.. We offer nine traditional majors and four fully online majors.. Note that a math placement exam may be required if you are transferring without pre-business math courses completed. You may also utilize the Transfer Evaluation Services (TES) website to get an idea of transferrable courses

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Transfer Students. FIU accepts MUH 3211 and MUH 3212 transfer credits from other State of Florida universities to satisfy the music history requirement. Since students at two-year colleges such as Miami-Dade and Broward take music history at the 2000 level, these courses do not transfer FIU and the College of Business will need accreditation documentation along with course syllabi and faculty curriculum vitae to begin setting up the dual degree program. Once these documents are submitted, FIU will determine if transfer credits can be accepted and if course equivalency can be granted for some of the required courses in the program 1735 Wahnish Way CASS Bldg., Suite 206 Tallahassee, FL. 32307 P: 850.599.3115 F: 850.561.2428 E: registrar@famu.ed University of Florida ACG 2021 ACG 2071 CGS 2531 ECO 2013 ECO 2023 MAC 2233 MAC 2234 STA 2023; Broward College: ACG 2001 & 2011: ACG 2071: CGS 1060C: ECO 2013: ECO 202

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Transfer students who continue their education after earning an Associate in Arts Degree at IRSC may be eligible for merit-based transfer scholarships. Scholarship requirements and application deadlines vary, so be sure to check with all the schools with which you plan to apply If a student takes a course at FIU and has already received transfer credit for an equivalent course at another institution, then the credits for the repeated course at FIU are not applicable toward graduation. At least 50% of the upper division credits required for the degree must be taken at FIU

The student cannot be required to take ENC 2101 again since ENC 1101 is equivalent to ENC 2101. Note: Credit generated at institutions on the quarter-term system may not transfer the equivalent number of credits to institutions on semester-term systems. For example, 4.0 quarter hours often transfers as 2.67 semester hours PHY 2048/L - Physics with Calculus I and the lab or its equivalent In addition, students must have a cumulative 2.5 transfer GPA to be considered for this program. FIU students wishing to change their majors must adhere to the above admission requirements to be considered In addition, the following courses are required of incoming transfer students: Global Learning Requirement for Transfers: Transfers entering FIU Fall 2011 or later are required to take two Global Learning courses. Those who meet University Core Curriculum Requirements prior to entering FIU If you are currently holding an F-1 or J-1 student visa and plan to transfer from another U.S. institution to FIU, you must also submit a DCF with supporting documents as indicated above. Additionally, your current institution must release your SEVIS record to FIU before your new Form I-20/DS-2019 is issued

Students in FIU Dual Enrollment save money and time. While in the program students earn college credits tuition free; student is exempt from the payment of registration, tuition, and laboratory fees.Then after graduation, research has shown that students could go on to earn their degree in 3.5 years on average.Plus, Dual Enrollment students receive university perks like a Panther ID, access to. FIU's transfer receptive lens considers students' onboarding journey with a focus on transparency and timeliness around how credits transfer. For decision-making and course planning, FIUs Transfer Equivalency Database includes over 80,000 transfer rules; these are confirmed at admission with a personalized Transfer Credit Report. To reinforce.

Transfer students intending to pursue a baccalaureate degree should take the common prerequisites for their major while at a Florida College System institution in order to facilitate ease of transfer. Common Prerequisites. Common Prerequisites are standardized across all public universities, state and community colleges in Florida to facilitate. Program Admission Requirements for Transfer Students: A.A. Degree from a Florida public institution or completion of University Core Curriculum (lower division courses) Minimum cumulative . GPA of 2.70 Students are encouraged to complete all prerequisite courses prior to transferring to FIU; however, the

Search millions and millions of comparable courses between colleges and universities. Check course transferability before transfer. Easily list and compare course offerings between schools To contact our staff and faculty, please refer to our directory at https://honors.fiu.edu/directory if you have questions or concerns. You can also call us at 305-348-4100 during these regular working hours or email us at honors@fiu.edu. Visit FIU's Coronavirus Updates page for more information Transfer Equivalency Database (TED) The Transfer Equivalency Database, or TED, is designed to assist students and staff in determining UWM transfer course equivalencies. The results are unofficial. All transfer coursework is subject to review and equivalency determination upon official submission to UWM This is Transfer and Admissions Information for Florida Atlantic University. Students can compare College and University transfer information before changing colleges, switching majors or transfer courses

FIU Connect4Success (C4S) is a guided transfer pathway that guarantees admission* to FIU to students who complete the AA degree within 3 years at any Florida College System institution, including longtime partner Miami Dade College.Learn more about C4S.; FAU LINK: Complete your Associate's degree at MDC and continue your bachelor's degree with guaranteed** admission to FAU Transfer students must attend the Transfer Orientation at the time they become FIU students. Transfer students must meet with an advisor to confirm that the department's transfer admission requirements have been met, to process any applicable transfer course equivalencies, and to create an academic plan This webpage is designed to assist departments in obtaining employment-based H-1B non-immigrant temporary visas and Green Cards (Permanent Residency Status) for foreign national employees. It also provides general information for TN visas and O-1 visas. Please contact us at immigration@fiu.edu if you have any questions or need additional information The transfer equivalency tool offers an unofficial, preliminary estimation of how your credits may transfer. This is to assist prospective students during the pre-admissions stage with determining how courses completed at other institution equate to FGCU courses. Your first step is to create an account to ensure the information you entered is. Freshman Applicant criteria - for students entering FIU as a freshman or transfer student with fewer than 60 credits Transfer Applicant criteria - for transfer students entering FIU with 60 or more transfer credits; Additional requirements . Prerequisites for both tracks: DEP 2000 Human Growth and Developmen

All College of Arts, Sciences & Education majors with questions can contact their assigned advisors or book an appointment through the Panther Success Network, email caseadvising@fiu.edu, or call 305-348-2978 (Monday-Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm) Florida International University College of Business Equivalency Request Form Please attach a course syllabus in English. All translated material must be from an official translation service. Requests with documentation not in English will be rejected. This form and all documentation must be submitted to the COB Advising office (Mango 240) Florida International University has no shortage of places to eat. Students may opt to purchase a dining plan, or visit one of our 23 coffee shots, quick service or sit down restaurants. Recent additional places to please your tastebuds are Chili's, Chic-Fil-A and Dunkin' Donuts

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Transfer Credit Equivalencies (TCE) Choose an Institution This information is provided as a resource to identify potential transfer credit and is not an official credit evaluation or a guarantee of transfer credit. Equivalents are subject to change, without prior notice, upon official evaluation by Western Michigan University. Current WMU. In regard to transferring theatre credits, FIU will only transfer in a maximum of 60 credits, and these credits will all be lower division credits. Any upper division theatre credits or credits beyond the 60 credit limit that you may want to transfer in have to be evaluated by the academic advisor first

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Use the ServiceNow Transfer Credit Evaluation form to request that a course taken at another institution be reviewed for equivalency to meet a UCF requirement in the areas of General Education (with the exception of math), Gordon Rule and Foreign Language proficiency. You will be required to attach a course description and/or syllabus If you believe that you met requirements that don't show as completed in DegreeWorks, contact your academic advisor to begin a transfer credit evaluation. This process typically involves a review of the syllabus of the previous class to ensure that all necessary topics were included

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  1. Note: Only the transfer totals earned are added to the University of Miami totals. Total credit hours attempted and quality points earned elsewhere are not included in the University of Miami totals. The University does not accept transfer credit hours for courses in which a grade of C- and below (or the equivalent grade) was earned
  2. Office of Transfer Student Services is here to assist you on your educational journey as you transition from your current educational institution to Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. Our staff provides assistance and oversight to include: recruitment, transfer admissions advising, transfer orientation, curriculum maps, direction.
  3. Transfer Course Equivalency Guide. To find an institution that you wish to compare course work at another institution to UCA courses, scroll to the name of the university and open the link. Please note that these charts are only for comparison purposes and final articulation will be the sole discretion of UCA and its policies
  4. The pre-med track or any of our degrees, contact our Undergraduate Advisors! 305.348.3844 transfer @ fiu.edu of applicants who transfer with fewer than 12 credits ) is a transfer,! Will not have a problem registering from MDC to FIU Transcripts from applicant
  5. AP credits, transfer credits from other colleges/universities or correspondence courses. Credits earned at FIU before the start of your admitted academic year. However, note that FIU grades earned before the start of your admitted academic year are used to calculate your FIU cumulative GPA
  6. Transfer students must complete all of the following courses with a grade of C or better (no C-) in each course (maximum two {2} attempts allowed to earn required grade and a withdrawal is considered an attempt): Calculus I (MAC X281 or MAC X311 or equivalent

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  1. e the courses available, the list is subject to change
  2. ations, you must have official score results forwarded directly to the Office of Undergraduate Admission from the IB Office.. IB Office (301) 202-3025 support@ibo.org . University of Miami guidelines for IB credit are subject to change at any point during the academic year
  3. To access the undergraduate catalog, go to catalog.fiu.edu. Follow the links below for more information on undergraduate degree programs in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at FIU. Admission Requirements. Degree Requirements. Undergraduate Advising Information. Course Transfer Information. Course Equivalency Procedur
  4. The Master of Science in Occupational Therapy (MS-OT) degree at Florida International University is a limited-access, full-time enrollment program with a highly competitive admissions process based on comprehensive evaluations. Students are admitted once a year for the Fall semester

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  1. Course Equivalency Video Tutorial; Lookup Courses. Select the school you will be transferring credits from
  2. Florida Atlantic University's Office of Admissions, Admissions, Transfer Students, Transfer. FLORIDA ATLANTIC UNIVERSITY Transfer Equivalency Guide. Residency Requirements. Questions? 561-297-3040 admissions@fau.edu.
  3. imum of C and an average grade point average of at least 2.5 in all Common Prerequisite courses taken; 4. Achieved a cumulative grade point average of 2.5; 5
  4. Transfer Guides. Search by UNT bachelor's degree to find out how your community college courses will apply towards a UNT degree plan, using the Texas Common Core Numbering System to match courses. Filter by Alpha . Select College . Search Degree Names . Items.
  5. Utilize the Transfer Equivalency Service (TES) to review course equivalencies. See how the courses you have taken at past institutions may transfer into FAU. Learn more about Transfer Equivalency Service. Submit your official sealed or electronic transcripts from every College or University you have attended to the Office of Admissions
  6. harmonization and analysis. All transfer music majors entering Fall 2011 or later must satisfy the FIU Global Learning requirement by taking IDS 3336 Artistic Expression in a Global Society and MUH 3514 Music of the World. Common Prerequisite Courses and Equivalencies FIU Course(s) MUT 1111 MUT 1112 MUT 2116 MUT 2117 MUT 122

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  1. After transfer credits are posted, get translated course descriptions or course syllabi for the courses you wish to get equivalencies for. (Translation made by Joseph Silny and Associates). Take the translated course descriptions along with a course equivalency form (obtained from advisor) to the corresponding evaluating FIU department
  2. NOTE: Program is not eligible for transfer credit, student must secure an FIU internship class if they want credit Virtual Internship eXperience (VIX) is a uniquely designed program that enables your development as a global citizen and professional by placing you on projects with innovative enterprises in Asia
  3. Quick Links: FAQs | Additional Materials Project PantherSoft User Interface (UI) Redesign Project Description Starting this summer, PantherSoft Human Resources (HR), PantherSoft Financials, Portal (MyFIU), and PantherSoft Campus Solutions applications will adopt a new look and feel. The project seeks to benefit all applicants, students, faculty and staff by providing an enhanced, modern user.
  4. Transfer Guide Admissions Requirements. Anyone interested in transferring into the Food and Resource Economics program at the University of Florida must complete the following courses prior to enrollment with grades of C or better: STA2023 - Intro to Statistics ECO2013 - Principles of Macroeconomics ACG2021 - Intro to Financial.
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Course Equivalency and Grades Courses taken abroad You must remain a full-time student according to the University of Florida standards while studying abroad. This means you are required to take the equivalent of 12 UF credits per semester. Each course you take abroa Florida Tech Policies Credit by Exam and Transfer InformationGeneral Education Course Equivalents. Academic Access Florida Tech Business & Retail Operations Campus Services Clemente Center Compliance and Risk Management Consumer Information Disclosures Continuing Education/Professional Enhancement Prog Credit by Exam and Transfer Information All transfer music majors entering Fall 2011 or later must satisfy the FIU Global Learning requirement by taking IDS 3336 Artistic Expression in a Global Society - GL and MUH 3514 Music of the World - GL. Common Prerequisite Courses and Equivalencies FIU Course(s) MUT 1111 MUT 1112 MUT 2116 MUT 2117 Equivalent Course(s) MUTX111 or MUTX12

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  1. Transfer Articulation - displays previously established equivalent courses from the Georgia Tech transfer catalogs. Please choose course subject(s), level(s) and term you wish to display: ----- No Equivalent Course available for this school ----
  2. Transfer Credit Office of Transfer Student Success US
  3. Frequently Asked Questions - Florida International Universit
  4. FAU - Transfer Evaluation Servic
  5. Undergraduate Programs - Robert Stempel College of Public
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