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  1. Fit a tube onto the bleed valve located on the slave cylinder with the other end in a container half full of brake fluid. 2. With an assistant, push down on the clutch pedal several times, push down on the pedal while the bleed valve is loosened just enough to allow brake fluid (and air if present) to bleed out of the hose attached to the bleed.
  2. If you don't bench bleed the master cylinder, you won't ever be able to bleed all the air out of the system through the bleeder screw. To bench bleed, you'll just put a little brake fluid into the master clinder, hook a hose up to where the clutch line would normally be, run the line back into the cylinder, and submerge it in the brake fluid
  3. Here is what I do when having a stubborn clutch slave bleeding problem. I attach some tubing to an Oil can full of brake fluid, pump the oil can to purge air, then attach the end of the hose to the bleeder valve on the slave cylinder, open the bleeder and pump the oil can to force any air trapped up and into the master reservoir.. Be sure the oil can is thoroughly clean as you do not want any.

So i have a 2008 kun26 hilux. I changed the clutch, slave and master cylinder. The pedal is soft. So ive bled her. No change. Ive gravity bled her also. Im thinking to do a reverse bleed. But cannot find anything to do this in your common automotive shop. Anyone have any other ideas... ive bled her over and over and over. No fluid lost How To Bleed A Clutch: The Complete Stepwise Guide. There are two cylinders called as master and slave. The clutch master cylinder works as a container for the brake fluid that connects it to the slave cylinder through the hoses. Every time you press the clutch, it makes the fluid flow from master to the slave cylinder, and the gear changing. Clutch line just won't bleed. Archive View Return to standard view. last updated - posted 2017-Jan-22, 5:10 pm AEST posted 2017-Jan-22, 5:10 pm AEST User #745342 47 posts. senyajtyler. Participant reference: whrl.pl/ReNK34. posted 2017-Jan-19, 4:52 pm AEST ref: whrl.pl/ReNK34. posted 2017-Jan-19, 4:52 pm AEST. tried to bleed the clutch on my aw11 mr2 tonite and it just wont work, when u press on the clutch pedal it goes straight to the floor and stays there until u pull it back up by hand. I originally thought this mighta been a problem with the slave cyclinder so i pulled it off but it seems to be workin fine, only other problem i could think is the cylinder mounted on the gearbox (sorry dunno.

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But the shifter goes into all the gears and truck wont move, when running. I let it run longer, thinking it might be frozen, but no luck. Never had this problem before and there are no leaks anywhere or goofy noises being made. Truck has original clutch with 150k miles on it. Things I have tried.-Bleed the slave, fluid was dirty not frozen How to Bleed a Hydraulic Clutch on a Toyota Pickup. Open the Toyota's hood. Remove the cap from the clutch master cylinder, which is the component on the far driver's side of the firewall, near the brake master cylinder. Fill the clutch master cylinder with DOT3 brake fluid. Add about three inches of DOT3 brake fluid into the empty container I just swapped out my leaky slave cylinder on my 04 jetta,and Mityvac bleed it. But it's strange on my way to work in the morning clutch and gear ingaugment is fine,but same drive home 10 hours later and gear ingaugment on 4th and 5th gets difficult. Once I pump the clutch a few times I can get a smoother gear ingaugement Part 3 of 4: Diagnosing a clutch pedal on the floor for a failed clutch master cylinder. Preparing the vehicle to check the clutch pedal for a failed clutch master cylinder. Materials Needed. Flashlight; Safety glasses; Wheel chocks; Step 1: Park your vehicle on a flat, hard surface. Make sure that the transmission is in park (for automatics.

Procedure to bleed the air out of the hydraulic clutch master cylinder. Use this method if you have a mushy pedal and you've tried to bleed the system at the.. How to Fix your Ford Ranger soft clutch pedal. Only takes about 1 to 2 hours of labor and could be done in your driveway. Simple fix for a clutch problem.~Su.. Clutch Won't start Starting. I bought my Hilux 4x2 in 2007 and it has always failed when starting it on an uphill road; it does not start with enough power and remains stopped for an instant and then suddenly responds. I took it to the agency, where I was told it was the clutch, which comes with a particular adjustment and on inclined roads. 10. Leaving the Pressure Bleeder connected, wait about 30 seconds to a minute. Then get into the car and pump the clutch 5 times. Then make sure you can shift smoothly into each gear. 11. If the clutch feels good, remove the pressure bleeder, replace the airbox, and lower cowling. EDIT: I did not write the above procedure

Reverse bleed- Alex you're lucky you didn't destroy some seals. Clutch slave cylinders can be annoying, and it seems like they will never bleed until they do. Having a clear hose that will connect over the top of the bleeder nipple on the slave is helpful. I generally start by vacuum bleeding as you've done, and then gravity bleed I have toyota hilux surf 2.4td LN130. clutch pedal keeps getting stuck down to the floor like its being sucked down, i - Answered by a verified Toyota Mechanic I have bleed the system but it wont engage clutch it stull when you put breaks on with clutch in and pedal is all the way on the floor.. DODGY CLUTCH There have been many reports of clutches slipping on this model HiLux, with some needing replacement in as little as 20,000km. Sure, driving style and load will play a massive part in clutch wear, and they are really a consumable part, but it is something to be aware of if buying a used HiLux I'm struggling to get my clutch to bleed after I replaced the master and slave cylinder, is there a trick to this or a special way to adjust the clutch? When I push the clutch it just splutters fluid out. When I think I get it right the the slave moves a couple of mm and not enough to release

Bleed the Slave Cylinder. You have to allow gravity to bleed the slave cylinder. 6. Open the Bleeder Valve. The next step to bleed a clutch is to open the bleeder valve to the slave cylinder, use the line wrench. Place a drain pan under the slave cylinder to extract the brake fluid. 7. Bleed the Brake Flui Clutch won't bleed! Posted by NEADmike, Aug 24, 2003. Aug 24, 2003 #1. NEADmike Proven Member. 8 0. Joined Aug 23, 2003, Ok here's the scenario, installed an ACT Clutch, turned on the car, car would not go into gear when the car is on, turned the car off, car will go into gear. Started the car with the clutch pushed all the way in and car. Clutch won't bleed. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 7 of 7 Posts. vegoildieselguy · Registered. Joined Feb 15, 2010 · 287 Posts . Discussion Starter • #1 • Nov 16, 2011. So had to put on a new slave cylinder and got it on and it is hanging so we can bleed it.. Bleeding the brakes on some cars won't even require removing the wheels, (most car will however and the wheels sometimes stick to the hub) generally there's enough access to the bleed screw. The release man now fits a ring/box wrench and a clear hose with catch bottle. Clear hose allows you see the fluid run clear and free from air, but it.

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Step 2: Push clutch throwout fork towards slave cylinder so it pushes the pushrod back into the cylinder (fluid will come out of bleed nipple) Step 3: While holding the pushrod still pushed in, close the bleed nipple. Step 4: Let go of the throwout fork and let the slave cylinder return outward. Repeat until no more air comes out Hoping some one can help with this. I have replaced everything on my 1993 S10 (Clutch, Arm, Master) and probably a few years ago the slave cylinder. I am trying to bleed the system and I get good pressure and good travel of the arm. If I hold the pedal down and let up, the next time I push it.. I put a new clutch master cyl and a slave cyl on it and I'm having trouble bleeding it . these things did help a bunch whats a good way to do it ? It has a ZOOM racing clutch that I put in only maybe 1500 miles ago the truck itself was a two wheel drive when i started it and it still has the 2wd master and pushrod the slave is a 4wd . could the. Clutch won't hold a bleed. Anyone else had problems with thier clutch not holding a bleed and just turning into a spongy mess? It's an 04' with 4.0 and 4x4. Whole clutch got replaced a few years ago when the slave cylinder gave out, and since then it would slowly loose bleed over time and get harder to shift, worse in the winter

If there is still softness in the clutch pedal, you likely need to bleed it again. As advised above, you should just go get a cheap brake bleeder, it will make bleeding it much easier. IF the Slave Cylinder or any of the lines are leaking, they have to be replaced. Tips: Don't let the clutch reservoir run out of hydraulic fluid One of my Jeep techs mentioned how the TJ clutch system is nearly impossible to bleed due primarily to the shape and routing of the hydraulic line. The physical process is very simple (just like bleeding brakes); the bends and curves in the lines are notorious for trapping air in them during this usual bleed process My clutch master cylinder went out on my 1990 Accord. I followed the video on how to replace the hydraulics and I replaced both the master and the slave. When I went to bleed the system it will not build up pressure. I tried gravity bleeding and leaving the pedal to the floor to let any air come out the reservoir

The hydraulic clutch slave shares the same brake fluid reservoir and should ideally be bled along with the brake fluid system, when its' bled. It's sorta like changing oil, but not changing the filter if the brake system is bled, but not the hydraulic clutch system. Fluid naturally gets old and ages even if the car sits and is never used installed centerforce clutch and a new slave cylinder. all lines hooked back up, and nothing happens when trying to bleed the clutch. open bleed valve while pushing down on the clutch. close valve. repeat. when the clutch pedal goes down i can see the fluid level in the resevoir slightly go.. I had a look and sure enough its the clutch slave cylinder, leaking from the main seal. Now.... my truck is out on some old dusty road in the middle of nowhere overnight or until i can get it home. The clutch fluid must be completely drained because i cant get it into gear at all. Vehicle: 1989 Hilux Surf SSR 2.4L Turbo Diese Clutch Master Cylinder won't bleed. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 8 of 8 Posts. G. gin93r · Registered. Joined Feb 4, 2014 · 3 Posts . Discussion Starter • #1 • Feb 4, 2014. Hey all, I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas how to solve my problem.. While holding the brake pedal down, locate the bleeding screw. The person bleeding should unscrew the bleeding screw slowly, wait until the oil gets out of the bleeding screw, and then tighten the screw. Check the Dot 3 or dot 4 or dot 5 and dot 5.1 brake fluid levels as required in the user manual. If you notice low-level top up the brake.

hydraulic clutch system to replace the traditional mechanical clutch linkage. This system is standard on the 2010 ProStar® and LoneStar®, and optional on the TranStar® and WorkStar®. An additional option, available when the truck is equipped with the hydraulic clutch system, is an air assist system that reduces pedal effort whe I leave it down all night then release it - normally after this you find you get at least some clutch if not all. After it has been released my preferred method is to have a friendly assistance pump the pedal 3-5 times then hold down hard while the bleed nipple on the slave is loosened, closed then repeat usually only takes about 3 cycles to get the clutch back working after that The clutch reservoir was bone dry when I pulled the top off, but I added DOT 3 fluid and tried to start bleeding the system. I found the bleeder for the system on the left had side of the bike, but not matter how much I try I have no pressure on the clutch lever How-To: Replace Clutch Fluid Edit: The procedure listed here is no longer recommended. If you're going to bleed the clutch fluid, be sure to use a vacuum bleeder tool, not the method described below. Drain Intervals The 2014 Owner's Manual added a new drain interval for replacing clutch fluid. The drain interval is as follows:Normal Service. STEP 3: Locate each of the four caliper bleeding screws, one of which is shown in a typical location in the above illustration. (Drum brakes also have similar bleeder screws.) Attempt to loosen.

Hey guys ive got a 2007 model Hilux (4x4) with only 40000kms on the clock and the clutch is going already. Anyone else had a problem with this or heard of a similar problem? i mean surely this cant be norrmal to have a clutch wrecked already hilux 2005 sr im also having the same problem with my clutch, ive recently had a new heavy duty clutch put in by arb, i do believe its a fluid issue, can anyway give me some advice or a link to how i can replace the fluid , ive got a bit of knowledge on servicing cars, so if its possible to do myself ill try, just not sure on what i have to unbolt or open up to do so, if someone could get back.

It is an external slave cylinder. I spent about 30 minutes bleeding it, but I did not try the gravity method. My truck is a 93 k1500 5.7 l with the nv3500 transmission. If i get the hydraulic system to start working I am hoping that the clutch pedal is not going to be as stiff as it was before although a stiff clutch is better than no clutch Got everything all back together and clutch wont engage. When I try to start it in gear and engage the clutch it still rolls with the clutch depressed and kills the motor. Almost like it wont engage enough or disengage. Im at a loss, put a new slave on it bleed and bleed the mast and slave trying to make sure every drop of air is out of the lines To bleed the brakes, pour some brake fluid into the drain can, and immerse the end of the tube in the fluid. Remove the rubber nub from the bleed valve and put the bleeder fitting and hose on the valve. Crack the valve open until a little fluid begins running in the tube, then begin pumping the brakes Clutch bleed Download a copy of the PDF Maintenance Manual and it should show simple steps. While it's down you might consider a S/S clutch line as you won't have to bleed it a second time for its installation. Cheers nigel . Save Share. Reply. J

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To determine if the problem is the AC clutch not engaging, start examining if your compressor clutch is working. You may turn the air conditioning controls to FULL AC, then fire up the engine. Check the front of the compressor clutch. If the pulley and the clutch are both spinning it shows that the clutch is engaged with the pulley correctly Brakes that won't build or hold pressure for some reason is a common issue people have with their ATVs. In this post, we'll have a look at the most common causes of why this happens and how to fix it. Related: How to Bleed ATV Brakes; Manual and Vacuum Method Page Contents 1. There is still [

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Clutch Adjustment Guide How to adjust the clutch system on Toyota 4x4's. When fitting a new clutch component, clutch adjustment maybe required. Many technicians believe the Hilux Pickups, Hilux Surfs & Land Cruisers have a hydraulic clutch system where there is no clutch adjustment, this is incorrect MG MGA - clutch won't bleed. I am working on a 1957 MGA 1500 which has MGA 1600 front disk brakes, and I am using silicone brake fluid. The car has the standard MGA clutch assembly, and all of the brake and clutch pieces and lines are new. I have been trying for weeks to bleed the clutch. I have read and tried everything in the archives, but no. Do as many rounds of bleeding the clutch as necessary for the bubbles to stop coming out of the hose. If bubbles continue to appear no matter how much you bleed the system, there may be a leak somewhere in the lines or at the master cylinder. Once the bubbles stop coming you can seal the bleed screw and place the cap back on the reservoir.. MINI Cooper Clutch Slave Cylinder - Bleeding the Right Way. I recently tackled a clutch swap job and reassembled the mess of parts I had removed. The only thing separating me from the winding roads was bleeding the hydraulic clutch system on my 03 MCS. Without this step, a clutch pedal is useless, and will drop to the floor unresponsive if.

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Hydraulic Clutch System Bleeding Special Tools DT-6174-A Connecting Hose Set . For equivalent regional tools, refer to Special Tools. Procedure Warning: Refer to Brake Fluid Irritant Warning. Warning: When adding fluid to the brake fluid reservoir or to the clutch fluid reservoir, use only DOT-4+ brake fluid from a clean, sealed container. This. HEAVY DUTY Clutch Kit for Hilux KUN16R KUN26R 3.0 Ltr 1KDFTV 08/2008 - ON -275MM (Fits: Toyota Hilux) 5 out of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - HEAVY DUTY Clutch Kit for Hilux KUN16R KUN26R 3.0 Ltr 1KDFTV 08/2008 - ON -275M

Bleeding the clutch on all 1991 300ZX models is the same straightforward process. Step 1. Unscrew the cap from the clutch master cylinder and fill it to the Max line with new DOT 3 brake fluid. Screw the cap back onto the master cylinder. Step 2 Based on previous clutch bleeding experiences, he said the most frustrating part is trying to push all of the air down and out of the clutch lines. Phoenix bleeders take advantage of physics and push the trapped air in the direction it naturally wants to go, up. This patented technology was able to break down the clutch bleeding process. Excellent Customer Service I called all around Modesto and these guys have the best prices by far.But best of all, they have excellent customer service I will only use this shop for any future needs and have recommended them a few times and will continue to recommend them to anyone with clutch or transmission needs. — Ricky B Toyota Clutch Repair Service. Late model manual Toyota clutch systems are commonly comprised of a hydraulic clutch. The purpose of this information is to provide information about how to troubleshoot this type of hydraulic clutch system in your Toyota, which will help you to determine when to take it in for Honda clutch repair A clutch master cylinder is a component found on vehicles equipped with manual transmission, and serves as the pump for the hydraulically operated clutch system. When the clutch pedal is pressed.

This clutch kit has a 260mm diameter clutch plate. To upgrade to the 280mm diameter clutch plate, see part reference KTY28540. We'll throw in a complimentary spigot and alignment tool so you can install yourself and get your Hilux driving at its best asap. Here's the specs: Clamp Load: 800kg (40% inc.) Flywheel Step: -4.2m A clutch bleed is the court of last resort for serious clutch problems. If the bleed doesn't satisfy your clutch, a more serious remedy, such as replacing the slave cylinder, may be required (a lengthy and expensive proposition). To bleed the clutch, begin with the same procedure as the turkey baster or Ranger method

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To bleed car brakes, suck the old brake fluid out with a turkey baster and refill it with new fluid. Loosen the bleeder valves and attach plastic tubing to the bleeder bolt, placing the other end into a bottle filled with 1-2 inches of brake fluid. Depress the brake pedal and turn the bolt slightly to the left so the old fluid can drain through. This article applies to the Toyota Camry 4th, 5th, and 6th Generation (1997-2011). A stuck clutch can be a big problem, for obvious reasons. Whether the pedal sticks and won't come back up, or you just have to push it extra hard to shift into gear, the cause of a stuck clutch can vary greatly how to bleed a w123 clutch. Step 1. fill the fluid res up to full. step 2. go under the car step 3. loosen the bleed nipple on the slave cylinder, not enough for liquid to come out though step 4 remove clutch slave from the side of the gearbox. whilst leaving the fluid line connecte Howdy everyone, longtime lurker here. I have a bone stock '95 22RE, 5spd, 4x4 DLX w/125k miles. I was having trouble shifting into first from a stop and had to pump the clutch a bit to get it into gear. Wanting to avoid jumping right into a clutch replacement, I went for the easier/cheaper.. Clutch wont bleed. Jump to Latest Follow Hey Everyone! Enter your bike HERE to be a part of this months Bike of the Month Challenge! 1 - 20 of 30 Posts. 1; 2; Next. 1 of 2 Go to page. Go. Last. RFG7680 · Registered. Joined Jul 27, 2015 · 4,585 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Aug.

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an alternative to bench bleeding. depress the clutch and bleed so the pedal stays down then push the plunger of the slave cylinder inward to minimize the internal volume of the slave cylinder use a vacuum bleeder loosen the screw a little more than usual to promote fluid flow rate bleed for a significant amount of fluid Any gravity bleeding or pressure bleeding is no good for expelling all the air. Once you have most of it out, open the screw fairly wide and get a helper to push down heavily on the clutch pedal the quickly close the screw. Repeat one or two times if necessary. The force of the clutch pedal being firmly depressed is enough to drive all the air out Bleeding the clutch line is not a difficult procedure, however, we even had some issues initially getting the one in the Evo 8 bled properly. Unlike most cars where you can simply begin the bleeding process and just add fluid to the brake fluid reservoir as needed during the process, the Evo 8 brake fluid reservoir must be over filled to even. Bleeding the clutch requires patience especially if you get air in the master-cylinder (or you replace the master-cylinder). I find the quickest way is to crack the line at the master-cylinder and pump until fluid leaks out then tighten the line. Obviously this is bad for paint-work so ensure the bike is wet first and wash any leaked fluid.

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combo clutch bleeding issue. Reply Reply Author. Discussion. torchwooduk. Original Poster. 33 posts. 32 months. Sunday 16th December 2018. Lost pressure in the clutch pedal a few days ago, was. Clutch won't bleed?? Question. So this weekend my clutch basically stopped working. It got super soft and I would have to push it all the way down for it to engage and even then it would be weak and grind the gears. So I replaced the master cylinder this morning but when we went to bleed the clutch we must have been bleeding for over 2 hours. No bubbles from the master reservoir, and I get good pressure but the clutch doesn't release fully. I've tried the following bleed methods with various degrees of success: - Pedal to the floor, crack the bleeder, close the bleeder, let off the clutch. - Pump the pedal, then to the floor, crack the bleeder, close it and let off the clutch

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1998 vnl hyd clutch, any advise bleeding or adjusting slave cyl linkage mhale0312, Jan 23, 2014. mhale0312, Jan 23, 2014 #1 + Quote Reply. Trucking Jobs in 30 seconds. Every month 400 people find a job with the help of TruckersReport. Zip I find it far easier to bleed from the clutch than from the master cylinder. you can do it several ways. I made a pressure bleeder bit you can use an oil can too. fill a pump oil can with dot 4 and place a hose on the end of ot to the bleeder screw open the bleeder screw and pump the fluid up the line to the master cylinder bleeding the banjo as you go. watch out you do not over flow your. Clutch wont bleed! Help. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 7 of 7 Posts. T. Tipoil17 · Registered. Joined Jul 28, 2018 · 3 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Jul 28, 2018. Hi i tried bleeding the clutch for hours today. I took the transmission back out and i changed the slave cylinder and its still not bleeding

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The clutch slave cylinder is involved in engaging and disengaging the clutch, making it a really important component. If something goes wrong with the cylinder, it's important to get it sorted as soon as possible - a faulty clutch slave cylinder can cause gear changing issues, and even damage your transmission in some cases Now bleeding a clutch is a bit different to bleeding brakes. To bleed a clutch top up the fluid, depress clutch, open bleeder, with pedal still on floor, and with fluid / air expelled close bleeder, raise pedal and re peat 5-6 times, or untill no air is evident. If you can not get a good pedal after this you have air entering the system some. The clutch disc is covered with friction material that wears away with use. Over time the disc gets thinner. This means the springs in the pressure plate extend farther and the pressure on the disc is weaker. Eventually, the pressure plate won't hold the clutch disc and it slips. Then it is time for a new clutch Clutch wont Bleed, NEED HELP!!!! Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 9 of 9 Posts. Facepalm_IRL · Registered. Joined Nov 10, 2010 · 361 Posts . Discussion Starter • #1 • Oct 22, 2011. Pulled my tranny and put in a new gmpp clutch kit. installed everything to the best of my abilities.. Im getting a little pedal by doing a conventional push clutch, open bleeder, close bleeder, release clutch. But the trans still grinds going into gear. Its odd, it will go into gear once or twice, but then the pedal gets worse and it will grind horribly. I dont see any leaks or drips anywhere. Going to try some more gravity bleeding tomorrow

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View and Download Toyota HILUX SURF 4WD manual online. HILUX SURF 4WD automobile pdf manual download On a side note, bleeding a clutch is NOT like bleeding brakesDO NOT PUMP THE PEDAL. Repeat DO NOT PUMP THE PEDAL. Tell your assistant to push the pedal down, when the pedal is down, open the bleeder screw, and allow the fluid and whatever air is trapped in the system to run out. You can use a clear hose and a jar to catch the expelled. Clutch Won't Bleed! Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 5 of 5 Posts. E. ees corsa · Registered. Joined Dec 4, 2012 · 9 Posts . Discussion Starter • #1 • Jan 13, 2013. Hi, after changing my engine over and reconnecting the clutch pipe i can't get it to bleed..

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BLEEDING that STUBBORN CLUTCH (and brakes) - HT-106. At 05:13 PM 1/12/04 -0500, Paul Darby wrote: >How do I bleed the clutch slave? The bleed valve points down, how can you get all the air out of the lines and slave. See picture. The nipple does point down, but the hole for the bleed port is drilled tangent to the cylinder bore, so it enters. A hydraulic clutch is a self-adjusting clutch. Since the friction material on the clutch plate will wear down over time, the hydraulic clutch will automatically adjust to compensate for this loss. If you aren't comfortable with the point at which your clutch engages, you can easily adjust it by following the steps below

A bleed tube can be rubber or plastic, about 2 ft (600 mm) long and about 5 mm in diameter. Find the bleed nipple of the clutch slave cylinder — it may have a rubber or plastic cover to protect it from dirt. Remove the cover and clean the nipple thoroughly. Fit the end of the bleed tube securely over the nipple. It must be a tight, push-on fit Clutch Won't Bleed. Hi all, I cannot get my clutch to bleed on my 240D. I've bled the brakes, tried to reverse bleed with the RF caliper, tried vacuum from the clutch feed line with a bottle of brake fluid hooked to the slave nipple, and I've tried just leaving it for a week. Still nothing If this doesn't work, you must remove the master cylinder and bench bleed it. Issue: You're bleeding the system and air keeps coming out. Problem: There's a leak or bad seal in the hydraulics that's big enough to allow air in. Fix: Clutch fluid can only leak from three places: master cylinder, slave cylinder, lines. Check at the firewall. If a clutch fails to disengage fully when the pedal is pressed, the problem may be the clutch itself. In a hydraulic clutch, however, the problem may lie in the master or slave hydraulic cylinders . Worn or ill-fitting seals may allow hydraulic fluid to leak past the piston in either cylinder, so that the slave piston does not travel far enough to disengage the clutch Install the special tool, open the bleed nipple and use the special tool to pump about 80 ml of brake fluid into the clutch system. l Tighten the bleed nipple to 10 Nm. l Remove the special tool. l Bleed the system automatically by operating the clutch pedal several times (max. 4 - 5 times), using the full clutch pedal travel

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