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  1. utes and was achieved by Suresh Joachim (Sri Lanka) at Sheds @ 1Fox in Johannesburg, South Africa, on 13 December 2015. Suresh Joachim holds multiple records, predo
  2. A Marvel superfan has broken the Guinness World Record for the most cinema productions attended of the same film after watching Avengers: Endgame 191 times. Ramiro Alanis, 33, who is from.
  3. Ramiro Alanis broke the Guinness World Record for the most cinema productions attended of the same film, after screening the Marvel movie an insane number of times in theaters
  4. A Florida man broke the Guinness World Record after watching 'Avengers: Endgame' 191 times in movie theaters. RELATED STORIES: World's Longest Cruise Leaves London For Eight-Month Voyage Ramiro Alanis,33, announced the news on his Twitter page with a photo of a certificate stating he broke the record for the most cinema productions.
  5. utes, setting the new Guinness World Record for most consecutive hours spent watching movies. Think it's a fan's dream.
  6. This takes binge-watching to a whole new level. A Canadian man is trying to break the world record for watching the same movie by seeing Tenet 120 times in a row. It could take him 30 days to complete this! We all have our favourite movies that we love to rewatch over and over again

Florida man breaks Guinness World Record after watching

Marvel fan breaks Guinness World Record after watching

A woman has become a world record holder after watching Bohemian Rhapsody at the cinema 108 times. Joanne Connor, from Queensland, sent off her stubs to the Guinness Book of World Records but had. A new Guinness World Record has been set by a man in Florida named Ramiro Alanis who watched Avengers: Endgame in theaters 191 times: the most cinema productions attended of the same film

Video: Man Breaks Guinness World Record For Watching 'Avengers

Talk about dedication! Ramiro Alanis is an insanely dedicated Marvel fan and he just set a world record for watching AVENGERS: ENDGAME 191 times. The Florida personal trainer now holds the. A Marvel superfan is trying to make a Guinness World Record his own by watching Avengers: Endgame in theaters 200 times. In order to meet his goal before the film leaves theaters, Agustin Alanis.

New World Record: Watching 57 Movies in 123 Hours Non-Stop

Throughout the month of June, Blastr will be celebrating our favorite digital diversions with Video Game Month: a look at some best, worst and wackiest from the world of shooters, space sims, strategy games and more. For decades, Guinness had been tracking world records that are, well, kind of meaningless, like longest fingernails, largest square dance and worst-ever English stout beer import. The most commonly reported film records that are broken are financial records, which are dominated by modern films due to steadily increasing production and marketing budgets. But there are actually many other kinds of records that are regularly broken by movies. But which movies have broken world records? Read on to find out. 1

Steve Ruppel only had to watch the MCU movie 104 times to break the current record for most times seeing the same movie in the theater, but he went for 116 times to try and make sure he'll keep. Man Breaks Incredible Movie-Watching World Record. By JR Mar 30, 2021 2:35 PM. Ok, there are movies that deserve a second or even third viewing in a theater setting. Action yarns like The Dark Knight The Winnipeg native is trying to break a world record by watching the highly anticipated Tenet 120 times in a row. According to Guinness World Records, the title is currently held by Joanne Connor, who, just last year, watched Bohemian Rhapsody 108 times at her local theatre in Redcliffe, Australia

An Avengers: Endgame superfan in Florida is trying to break a world record by watching the Marvel blockbuster 114 times — and counting. Agustin Alanis, 30, of Riverview, posts a phot That set a world record for the largest opening weekend in a single market. the scar has healed in China and that people can return to cinemas now and watch movies. it the world's. Established in 1954 by Sir Hugh Beaver (owner of the famous brewery), the Guinness Book of World Records has become the governing body for any record of accomplishment.The first book in the long running series was released in 1955 and sold 187,000 books (after four reprints) within a year Check out some of the coolest and quirkiest YouTube world records and videos. Impress your friends by breaking or inventing your own YouTube world records on Recordsetter.com. SET A RECORD! Most Times Watching I Just Wasted 10 Seconds Of Your Life Joseph Kenneally. Joseph K. watched the I Just Wasted 10 Seconds Of Your Life video 332 times

World Record For Watching The Same Movie Could Be Broken

Tyler Toney, best known as part of the Dude Perfect group that posts videos on YouTube, previously held the record in that category when he caught a football dropped from 563 feet at TCU's campus. The movie portrays various incidents that take place during the Big Year event, while the trio compete with each other and many other birders to achieve the world record of sighting the highest number of birds. Brad and Stu become friends and help each other in the competition, and Brad is attracted to a fellow birder, Ellie (Rashida Jones. World Record: Woman Rides Bicycle To 183.9 MPH Denise Mueller-Korenek, 45, has become the fastest human ever to ride a bicycle over open ground, racing in the draft provided by a dragster

3. Titanic was the number-one movie in North American theaters for 15 consecutive weekends.. Does it still hold the record? Yes. 4.It tied All About Eve (1950) for the highest number of Oscar. John Collins, the Paper Airplane Guy, shows how to fold five amazing paper planes: the Boomerang, the Boomerang 2, the Bat Plane, the Tumbling Wing, and the World Record Plane (a.k.a. Suzanne)

Women's Equipped All-Time World Records To view Michael Soong's entire book of All-Time Records and Rankings, please go here and subscribe. (Updated January 21 2021 World Record is one of the short animated films of The Animatrix, which tells the story of an athlete who becomes aware of the Matrix while attempting to set the world record for the 100 meters sprint. It was created by Madhouse, written by Yoshiaki Kawajiri and directed by Takeshi Koike. 1 Plot 2 Commentary 3 Development 4 Reception 5 Notes Agents watch an American athlete, Dan Davis.

must watch Watch model train play classical music medley with glasses Germany's Miniatur Wunderland set a new world record for the longest melody played by a model train A big year is a personal challenge or an informal competition among birders who attempt to identify as many species of birds as possible by sight or sound, within a single calendar year and within a specific geographic area. Popularized in North America, big years are commonly done within single US states and Canadian provinces, as well as within larger areas such as the entire world, the. Watch amazing Guinness World Record videos here at National Geographic Kids. Meet world record holder Zac the parrot, and Wouter van den Bosch, owner of the world's heaviest bicycle Rip Esselstyn is a former fireman and world-class triathlete who won the Masters National Championships in the 200-yard backstroke, setting the American record in the process. He is also the #1 New York Times best-selling author of The Engine 2 Diet , Plant-Strong , The Engine 2 Seven-Day Rescue Diet and The Engine 2 Cookbook

Rodeo keeps its own set of world records and statistics just like other sports. Each event has its own times and scores that stand as testaments to the skills and competitiveness of the modern cowboy and cowgirl. Some of the rodeo records date back decades. Read on the see the most impressive rodeo records This one seems easy enough -- if you like to watch movie after movie after movie and you can stay awake for more than 120 hours and 23 minutes, the previous movie-watching marathon world record. Watch this 62-year-old break the world planking record George Hood, a former US Marine and DEA Supervisory Special Agent, broke the Guinness World Record for the longest time in the plank position

Class Total Lifter Country Fed Year 123 942 Francisco Pardorla USA USPA 04/08/17 132 1,125 Eric Kupperstein USA IPF 06/20/16 148 1,576 Tony Conyers USA USPA 02/27/1 Related Videos. 3:11. Incredible Jenga Stack - Guinness World Records. Guinness World Records. 182K views Nut Crushing Champion Mr Cherry - Guinness World Records Day. Guinness World Records. 2.2M views · April 27. 3:17. Largest Hand-Drawn Maze - Guinness World Records. Guinness World Records. 1.2M views · April 26. 3:59. Longest Wave. World Record (@worldrecord_100) on TikTok | 1.5K Likes. 290 Fans. Watch the latest video from World Record (@worldrecord_100) His videos have gone viral as he tries to make skating more inclusive and welcoming for all. With his untraditional moves, Canadian Elladj Baldé is shattering the traditional world of figure skating

Most Consecutive Stairs Climbed On The Head - Guinness World Records. Guinness World Records. 5.5M views · Today. 3:18. Most Expensive Sandwich - Guinness World Records. Guinness World Records. 1.8M views · November 27. Pages Businesses Media/News Company Publisher Guinness World Records Videos Most Varieties Of Cheese On A Pizza. WATCH: California Dog Duo Set World Record for Most Tricks Performed by Two Dogs in 60 Seconds this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines Watch a Woman Eat 10 Doughnuts in Three Minutes to Set a World Record Competitive eater Leah Shutkever put three minutes on the clock and got to work. By Shea Simmon

Discover short videos related to nala cat guinness world record on TikTok. Watch popular content from the following creators: Guinness World Records(@guinnessworldrecords), Guinness world record(@guinnessworldrecord4), gronk(@robgronkowski), Guinness world records(@guinnesswrldrecords), Guinness World Records(@guinnessworldrecords) . Explore the latest videos from hashtags: #.

Longest movie-watching marathon-world record set by Suresh Joachim and Claudia Wavra NEW YORK, US -- Suresh Joachim, of Toronto, and Claudia Wavra, of Petersburg, Germany, spent 123 hours seeing 57 films in a plexi-glass house in Times Square-setting the world record for the Longest movie-watching marathon The following content contains the tentative list of the most-watched television broadcasts around the world in selected countries, with the corresponding peak viewership (or ratings share) records, the corresponding year of such broadcast, and the mentioned media research organizations tallying nationwide viewership records. However, the most-watched television broadcast in any of the. Winnipeg man attempts to break Guinness World Record by watching Tenet 120 times in a row. Close. 0. Posted by 8 months ago. Archived. I'm talking about movies that establish (or at least feel like they established) who the good guy and the bad guy is at the beginning of the film, but proceeds to explore and deconstruct their individual. A post shared by Guinness World Records (@guinnessworldrecords) on Oct 15, 2020 at 3:50am PDT Since being shared, the clip has gathered over 50,000 likes and tons of comments. Several people came.

Since Billy Mitchell's epochal achievement of 874,300 points on August 13, 1982, the Donkey Kong world record has undergone a winding and controversial journey.. Seven men have reigned as champion—Billy Mitchell, Tim Sczerby, Steve Wiebe, Hank Chien, Robbie Lakeman, Wes Copeland, and John McCurdy—with much back-and-forth between each (except for Sczerby, who is the only of the group to. WTF?! this girl has a..

Man becomes world's oldest heli-skier ahead of 95th birthday Rubik's Cube attempting world record with YouTube livestream Idaho men break world record for Hanetsuki hits ( 0 ) Leave a comment upi. A year ago, the Diesel brothers made history when they jumped their BroDozer Monster Jam truck over a flying airplane. Now they're back in an attempt to break seven more world records on a new. World's greatest birdwatcher sets a new record - then hangs up his binoculars birds.free.jpg Tom Gullick, left, with bird guide Frank Lambert, after spotting the Wallace's fruit dove in Indonesi It looks like twenty one pilots have set a new major Guinness World Record, a feat that wouldn't have been possible without the help of their fanbase My new class giving a peak at my creative process! skl.sh/matty. This is the visual poem of William Trubridge's world record freedive to 100 meters (one hectometer, basically one football field length and back) in order to bring light to the plight of the world's smallest cetacean, the Hector's Dolphin of New Zealand

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We've all been there - the day-after-the-night-before, when we have to devour a fast-food meal. But unlike this guy, we've never had to devour 100 of them! We can't believe our eyes (or guts! Directed by Roger Donaldson. With Anthony Hopkins, Diane Ladd, Iain Rea, Tessa Mitchell. The story of New Zealander Burt Munro, who spent years rebuilding a 1920 Indian motorcycle, which helped him set the land speed world record at Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats in 1967

New TV binge-watching world record set at 94 hour

Double delight for Italy on thrilling second day in Silesia. Hosts Poland along with Cuba, South Africa, Germany and the Netherlands also triumph as finals for the 4x100m, 4x200m and 4x400m take place at the World Athletics Relays... He holds 4 world records and 50 Limca records for being the fastest human calculator in the world. TOI asked him some Math questions and this is how fast he solved them. Watch this video

How to fold the world record paper airplane. John Collins design, Suzanne, broke the Guinness World Record for distance in 2012. The New World Champion Pap.. Watch Caeleb Dressel Break Two World Records; Set American Mark (Videos) Caeleb Dressel had his way on the opening day of the International Swimming League Grand Final, as the American star - on.

The real-life flexible friend: India's very own 'Rubber

Binge-watching world record - YouTub

Since 1955, the Guinness World Records have been documenting and catag numerous feats, achievements, and characteristics of the world and its people in an annual publication. While numerous records have been documented, most are broken after a while, with many being broken numerous times after their initial recording While the Guinness World Record lists the largest boat parade as 1,180 in Malaysia on Sept. 14, 2014, organizers of a Trumptilla in South Carolina in July said more than 3,000 vessels. Martin Sweeney (UK) setting a world record for skating 100 cones in 1991 A 700-pound bear shot in New Jersey last year has set a new world record as the largest black bear ever killed with a bow and arrow in North America

Marvel fan sets Guinness World Record for watching

Kenya's Kibiwott Kandie won the Valencia Half Marathon on Sunday and broke the half marathon world record time in the process. Kandie finished the race in 57:32 to take home the victory and top. Class Lift Lifter Country Year Fed 123 639 Andrzej Stanaszek Poland 05/09/02 EPF 132 551 Mike Booker USA 2002 AAU 148 582 Jonathan Garcia USA 11/21/20 USAPL 165 661 Austin Perkins USA 11/14/20 USAPL 181 760 Aleksey Nikulin Russia 06/24/18 IPL/RPU 198 804 Amit Sapir Canada 04/16/16 APA 220 822 Joe Sullivan USA 09/26/20 WRPF 242 859 Kevin Oak Okolie USA 02/01/20 SP A bull moose that Jim Hall shot in Ferry County set a new Safari Club International world record. Hall hunted and harvested the moose near Republic, Wash. in GMU 101 in 2018. Courtesy Jim Hal That broke his previous record of 25.48, also set during the skins in the semis, and leaves him just shy of both the world (25.25, van der Burgh) and European Records (25.29, Emre Sakci) in the event

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