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two big braids using 100% Kanekalon Braiding Hair pinned into a cute low bun great for the hot summer months!SALON EXPERIENCE: I Got Braids!! Watch Me Get Br.. Double dutch braids to a low messy bun Recently, Dutch braid became so famous and so flattering to the hair than normal braid. It somehow gives a full effect of braid making it look 2D in a way. Thus, I will be doing double dutch braids to a low messy bun If you are putting braids in your two buns hair, all you need to do is a section of the hair and braids before pulling into a ponytail. However, if you only want the braid to be included in the actual bun, then pull to a ponytail first and then plait your braids before wrapping into buns

Two Braids into a Low Braided Bun Summer Style by Momma

The iconic 90s double bun or Space Buns are so popular and added some braids, you've got an even cooler style!It's a very comfortable style that I think yo.. Add two buns at the top of the head, with the goddess braids falling back below. 3 Goddess Braids For an extra element of dimension, go for the three goddess braids hairstyle. From there, pull the three braids back into a low bun at the base of the head, with extra care and attention paid to laying the edges The addition of two side buns creates a youthful appearance, but also an exceptionally modern one. Plait your tresses as you would normally, but instead of completing it with a pony, split the hair into two sections and make a couple of fun low pigtail buns. Thick Hair in a Braided Bun open me: #knotlessbraids #protectivestyles #boxbraids i decided to get some butt length knotless braids, however, a lot of my military ladies were asking me. Out of all the types of braids, double fishtail braids can be the trickiest yet one of the most impressive hairstyles ever known to women. Despite its name that implies double the effort of making a fishtail braid, it is definitely worth the extra trouble.. Double Fishtails Braids. We have saved you the trouble of searching around and gathered 15 of the finest double fishtail braided designs

Double Dutch braids hairstyle: Dutch braids to a low messy bu

  1. Take the braid and circle it around the base of your ponytail to form a low bun. Hold the bun with one hand and use the other hand to stretch another hair tie around the bun until it feels tight and secure. 4 Complete your bun with finishing touches
  2. Create two equal portions of the hair, and braid them into two loose braids. Start pulling the braids apart slightly to give it a lush, fuller look - even muss it up a little bit. Full looking braids are guaranteed to give your bun more volume and elegance
  3. The bun is styled high with two braids at the back and there are braids in the actual bun too. There is also a loose braid at the side that is decorated with beads. This is a stylish hair idea and it is unique because of the beads. You can recreate a similar look to this or try different beads for a more unique hairstyle
  4. Step 14 / Now create another dutch braid on the other side of the head, then tying it off with an elastic band. Step 15 /Bring all the hair up into a low ponytail. Step 16 / Wrap the elastic band one time over the hair. Step 17 / Then wrap the hair pulling it halfway through the band. Step 18 / Pin sections of the hair up to create a low messy bun
  5. We don't know about you, but we're suckers for shimmering locks. That said, before you begin styling your low bun, evenly distribute a dollop or two of oil or a few spritzes of shine spray into your hair for added gleam. Try TRESemmé Botanique Damage Recovery Oil Elixir for the perfect glossy look
  6. 13.Two Cornrows Braids Low Bun with Beads: Needs thick and medium length hair which can be made to bun easily. Here two buns are existing with the same size and quality. Both buns are covered with off-white colorful beads. Upperside hair is twisted with beads as well
  7. How to Style: You can make your buns low, and start braiding from the front. Do two Dutch braids on each side and combine them into a single braid per side. Twist it to create the buns. These are the amazing braided space buns styles that are popular among modern women

Two buns. Wrap the ends of each stitch braid into a low knot, then secure the bun with several bobby pins. Want even more braid advice? For endless protective style ideas and haircare tips, get.. Pull your hair up into two ponytails. Part your hair down the center first, then pull each half up into a ponytail. They should be close together, to either side of the hairline, and about 1 to 2 inches (2.54 to 5.08 centimeters) apart. You need them close because you will be twisting them into one bun Part your hair into two equal parts and braid both until the back of the head. Then, tighten both braids separately with an elastic and make a bun on both sections, tightening them with pins. 5 Part your hair, pulling your braids into a twist, and secure it with a strong elastic. Using another golden accessory, Jen Atkins braided and twisted these buns, one low, another high, to heighten the effect. All you have to do is first create the ponytail, braid the tail, and twist before fastening Use a comb to part your hair into two and start braiding from either side till you reach the middle. Tuck in the braids with a bobby pin. Although you can make the bun in any way it is best if you can make a low bun

Beautiful Updos with Braids into a Bun A braided bun is a great idea for lovers of African American braided hairstyles, like cornrows , box braids, goddess braids, Senegalese twists and so on. Such ethnic hairstyles are especially popular among black women with kinky hair that is difficult to style One version is created by gathering braids, and twisting into either a bun at the top of the head or by grouping them in a low, chic bun. Side Bun Ideal for dirtier, two or three-day hair, the side bun hairstyle is a chic look that dresses up any occasion This braided low bun is the perfect example of a hairstyle in a league of its own. weave in gold string through two of your braids in an X motion. Create a bun. Wrap your braids around. Two thick french braids are pulled back into an elegant bun, while some gentle pulling apart helps to create some extra volume in this otherwise simple style. 27 Glittery Festival Braids As if french braids weren't already a festival must-have, the look gets even more carefree with a heavy sprinkle of fairy dust in your part

25 Cutest Two Bun Hairstyles for Women - HairstyleCam

Two braided hairstyles don't always have to mean two French braids with a center part. We adore this take on styling two braids into one hair style. One braid starting at the part of the hair and being brought into the low ponytail braid - such a fun look! Don't worry about the braids being perfect - it gives a relaxed, effortless vibe 33 Two braid Low Bun. 34 Threaded Low Bun. 35 Halo Twists Low Bun. 36 Front braids and beads . 37 Chunky Halo Braid . 38 Top knot braid into a bun and twists . 39 Dutch Braid Updo . 40 Flat twist natural updo . 41 Chunky braided hawk natural hair . 42 Cinnabon natural hair . 43 Protective double buns with braids Hairstyle This is where a true gentleman finds the perfect two braids for himself. The braids are simple, decent and highly stylish as they neatly go towards the back of your head. There, they are secured into a small low bun which looks as hot as you dreamt it would. 6. Thin Braids with Taper Fad A whole row of quick fancy hairstyles with box braids is made on the basis of a high ponytail. The easiest style you can do is a high ponytail wrapped with box braids into a bulky bun. Alternatively make a ponytail, then divide it into 3 sections and braid each section to have them further draped to one side and fixed at the back of your head

For a glimpse into modern trends, this bohemian updo is fun and easy-going, as well as beach-ready. This braided hairstyle intertwines two Dutch braids - each on both sides of the head - lovingly combined into a messy bun in the back These braids will combine into a low bun above the neck. 5. 4 Cornrow Braids. If you have thick hair, braided the hair into four cornrows is great hairstyle option for you. Not only do the middle two braids look thick, but by having the side braids smaller and thinner, you create a cool balance across the head. 6. Cornrow Braided Ponytai For this look, the hair has been styled into two side braids with an accessorized center braid. There are smaller braids too, and also the ones near the middle braid have trendy triangle partings. This is such a creative and unique style. It's perfect for the women who wish to stand out from the gang. Two Braids with Weav Finally, wrap the left two braids into two low buns and repeat on the right side. Bonus: Bobby pin a shell into the center of the braided coil and you're done! Videos: Rashawn Colton;. #22: Two French Braid Hairstyle With A Sock Bun. The next time when you pull your hair back into a bun, add two braids for an interesting take on the traditional style. If your hair is not as thick as shown, use a sock bun for added volume and a full look

Two Dutch Braids into Low bun - YouTub

Double Twist Low Buns Instructions: Step 1 / Begin by parting the hair slightly off center towards the right side. Step 2 / Then continue the part down the back of the head in a zig zag pattern. Step 3 / Pick up a section of hair on the left side and divide it into two smaller pieces. Step 4 / Cross the left strand over the right strand By fixing the hair into a side parting it is almost like a style of two halves - with one side being demure and the other side is shaped into a sophisticated swooping shell shape. By adding fabric wraps to the front of the style it breaks up the color palette and adds definition to the braided bun for black women

Even though this bun hairstyle with Dutch braids is a little bit more serious than the previous one, it is still very elegant and stylish. Ideal for: Round and square-shaped faces. How to style: Comb through your hair until it's smooth enough. Divide the hair into two identical parts in the middle, and start braiding the double Dutch braids.When you've finish braiding, twist them around. All you have to do is loosely braid two French braids before wrapping your hair into buns to create this look. Also add a dark lip because fall is non-negotiable. 29 Gather your hair into a taut high or low ponytail. Secure with a hair elastic. Step 4: Add accent braids. To create your bun and braids updo, add a few accent braids to the length of your ponytail. You can add as many or as few as you like and then pull them apart to add texture. For a neater finish, leave braids as is. Step 5: Create your bun Low braided buns. Finally, in a similar style like the twisted buns, we're going for a low style that, in my opinion, looks much more elegant than top-knots. Again, the idea is the same: creating two braids and finishing with the buns to make your style look more edgy and elaborate

50 Ravishing Braided Bun Hairstyles (2021 Trends

#10: Low Bun with Asymmetrical Twists. Dress up your deep pink mane styling a lovely chignon bun. With just two twists and a tuck, your 'do will have people mesmerized by both its style and vibrant shade. Get ready to have your dance card filled to the brim The braids aren't that hard, and the buns are easy but being upside down for that length of time is tough. Create a centre part all the way down your hair and separate your hair into two pigtails. so we cross the right under the middle then the left under the right and on the third cross pick up some hair to add into the braid

#21: Bun with Braids. If your hair is still short enough to deal with the drama of stubborn strands, work some braids into the style. This quick bun is added at the end of two smooth, tight mini French braids. This might just be the leader of styles involving cute buns This elegant braided updo involves creating one (or two) fishtail braids, then fastening them back into a low chignon. Make the braid and bun clean for a sleek look, or keep things messier for a more laidback creation. braided updo #12: double crown braid. This braided updo takes some finesse, so you might consider enlisting a friend for help How To: Create an easy messy side bun in less than five minutes ; How To: Create an elegant low side French braid updo ; How To: Create three French braided bang hairstyles for medium and long hair ; How To: Style a sideswept French braid with a messy bun updo ; How To: Do a side bun and braid look inspired by Taylor Swif Start by u sing a comb or your fingers to equally divide your hair (down the middle) into 2 equal sections. Then using hairbands, secure each section into two low ponytails. Styling tip: To make your double low buns look extra smooth and sleek, apply some serum like the TONI&GUY Shine Gloss Serum to help slick down any flyaways and add shine

Best 40 Low Bun Updo Hairstyles Ideas on TheRightHairstyle

Then gather the braids up into a high jumbo man bun, leaving a couple of the braids loose to drape over shoulders. # 6 Man Bun with Undercut Fade For the ultimate hairstyle packed with punch, try a braided man bun with an undercut fade secured at the very top of your head In this bun hairstyle for girls, what you have to do is part your hair into two sections, French braid them, and then twist the braids into two buns on top of your head! This will make just the right hairstyle for an occasion where you can work a mix of casual and formal. #3. Bun Mohaw Instead of a single bubble braid, you can divide your hair into two sections and make two bubble braids. You can start making the bubbles right above your forehead to get a chic look. You can also wrap the braids into messy buns to give a new twist to the trendy space buns. This is one hairdo that you can experiment with a lot

Two Braids Hairstyles Ideas (Trending in April 2021

Braid 10-Double Waterfall Braids and Fishtail Bun

You can continue your braid the full length of your hair and then style it into the bride half-up bun. 6. Double Braid Into A Braided Bun . 7. Two Ways Upside Down Braid Into Double Braided High Buns . 8. Double Space Buns Half-Updo. 9. Girl's Hairstyle - High Braid Into Double Buns. And of cause this hairstyle is perfect for girls This upside down braid into a high sock bun on @lexpitiris is inspiring us to take more than five minutes on our hair in the morning. @annagrff is looking office chic with a low, side braid bun, a. We love her micro boxer braids pulled back into a low bun. See the original post on Instagram. You can channel your inner Scary Spice with two buns or add three for an out-of-this-world look 135. Braid transforms into a ponytail. 136. Braids that go from one side to the other. 137. Sophisticated look for sophisticated blondes. 138. The simple but elegant twisting method. 139. Angelina Jolie sporting a bun. 140. Two smaller buns in the back. 141. Bun made entirely of braids. 142. A bun and an undercut. 143. Long bangs that. Two Braid Hairstyles. Two braids into fun buns. Saved by Imoni Lightner. 6k. Two Braid Hairstyles Baddie Hairstyles Black Girls Hairstyles Pretty Hairstyles Hairstyle Ideas Curly Hair Styles Natural Hair Styles Pelo Natural Hair Laid

Space Buns - Double Bun - Upside down Dutch Braid into

Twist the braids into two mini braided buns. Have two boxer braids completed. Twist each one into a mini bun at the nape of your neck. Tuck the tails underneath the buns, then secure them with bobby pins With a little bit of technique and a few accessories, a low bun can also be transformed into a sleek, sophisticated nighttime look. Ahead, watch celebrity hairstylist David Lopez share his step-by-step guide to creating two low bun styles that he has done on celebs Back Braided Twists In this bun hairstyle for girls, what you have to do is part your hair into two sections, French braid them, and then twist the braids into two buns on top of your head! This will make just the right hairstyle for an occasion where you can work a mix of casual and formal. #3 Create a centre part all the way down your hair and separate your hair into two pigtails. Turn upside down and brush one of the pigtails all the way down. Brushing the hair forward towards the ground makes it easier to pick up as you're braiding. Starting at the nape of your neck pick up a section of hair and split it into three

3 Fishtail Braid Hairstyles | MISSY SUE

Part hair into 4 quadrants, securing the back two into low buns or ponytails to keep them out of the way while you work on the front of your hair. Starting with the first quadrant on one side, take the very front piece of your hair/bangs and secure with an elastic; then clip to your head/scalp 36. Two Braids with Buns. Next, we have another cute braided updo. For this look, the hair is styled into two large and loose braids. The end of each braid has also been tied up to create two low, braided buns. This style is finished off with glam gold accessories. Hair like this has a stylish boho vibe. It will look amazing for days and evenings To do straight hair updos, separate the hair into two braided pigtails, keeping them loose. Wrap the two together to form a bun, twisting inward and using bobby pins to tidy up any wayward strands. It's beautiful, simple, and chic Two simple feed in braids pulled back into two beautiful low long curly ponytails. 37Feed In Double Buns Double buns are adorable and comfortable to wear! We love the symmetric feed in braids and baby hair

59 Sexy Goddess Braids Hairstyles To Get in 202

Low buns are a classic and elegant hairstyle. This hair idea features a stunning low bun. The hair has been split into two sections, the lower section has been styled into a beautiful bun and the top section has a subtle twist look. It is just a gorgeous hairstyle that is chic and it will make you look glam for any special occasion. 11. You can do this with any black hair; it will look amazing. If you have Ghana braids or feed in color, this is a great way to take care of those locks. You can twist your hair and then tie into cute buns. The beads will already e your hair accessory. You can do two buns or one. Two buns do look cute and are a great style for summer.-Small On Twisted Hair into Double Buns Twist braids are an excellent choice for black or afro hair as they are easier to achieve and much more forgiving than traditional 3 strand braids. These braids also show off the natural texture of the hair, whilst still keeping it neat. Twisting the twist braids into buns also adds interest to the bun hairstyle Update your easy twisted low bun with two crossing braids. Start by separating two small sections of hair around the face, by the ears. Pull the rest of the hair back into a bun, then secure with an elastic. Braid both sections, moving back towards the bun. Secure each with bobby pins in the center, weaving them together to look uniform

For your sides, you can start by twisting them into French rope braids. Arch it in such a way that it all appears into a beautiful heart. The ends can be made into a low bun. This hairstyle is exquisite Low buns are a classic and elegant hairstyle. This hair idea features a stunning low bun. The hair has been split into two sections, the lower section has been styled into a beautiful bun and the top section has a subtle twist look. It is just a gorgeous hairstyle that is chic and it will make you look glam for any special occasion If you have long hair and you've ever been curious about the man bun and braids now is the time to try! With so many versions of the bun and braids, there's something that'll definitely work for you. Whether you choose to braid your hair into tiny detailed cornrows before pulling it into a thick man bun or go for several thick cornrows gathered into a bun to keep it low maintenance, you. Bring four rows of braids into two low buns or just tie the ends of each two braids together. By Nola. 46. Fulani Braids. Hairstyles that protect edges don't have to be boring. Working beads onto face-framing braids gives that extra oomph. By Noi. 47. Golden Accents in Faux Locs

Low Bun with Two Side Braids - Best 40 Low Bun Updo

Divide your hair into two sections. Hold them, so they look like two pigtails. Tie both the sections in a knot. Take an elastic band and tie it below the knot Playing off of the idea of making natural headbands out of your own hair, this style incorporates two separate braids to maintain a hair part through the center. For those who love a center part to emphasize their facial symmetry, this hairstyle works really well. It's also simple and can be redone with ease Part your hair into four equal sections, two on either side of the front and two on either side of the back. 3. Take a section from the back and coil it around the base to create a bun. Secure with bobby pins

How to Get Box Braids Into a Neat Low Bun (Butt Length

  1. A more complex and strict hairstyle will turn out from two braids, each of which is twisted into a bundle and fixed with a bobby bin on the back of the head. Thus, you can get two separate bundles, or one large one, intertwining the braids with each other. Low Bun with Braid. two braids on the hair in a fashionable color look.
  2. If your hair is long, just wrap the braid once around your ponytail and include the rest of your hair into the pony. Now on the left side, take the lowest part of this section and braid it back to your bun. Next take half of the remaining section and form a second braid back to your bun
  3. i bun. This is one of the best-braided bun hairstyles. 5.
  4. Pin the buns to keep in place and spritz some hair spray. Braided Low Double Buns. Low space buns are tied low at your neck rather than high atop the head. Brush your hair and create a center part. Braid each side starting from the crown all the way to the end. Wrap the braid into a twisted bun. Secure the buns with bobby pins and hairspray

Double Fishtail Braids: 15 Styling Ideas for 202

Combining the hair from both ponys, create two or three braids. Twist the braids into one bun; pin to secure. Finally, use your fingers to gently widen each braid and pin them together, so you don. Starting from the nape of your neck and moving upwards, weave the hair on the right side into a Dutch braid. Once you reach the crown, stop braiding your hair. Wrap the rest of your hair into a messy, loose bun. You can pancake your hair to make the bun look bigger. Repeat the same on the left side. 14. Messy Double Braid Bun. Source. What You Nee The sections of the hair are so styled into braids, that the style looks sexy. There are three sections of the hair, the longer one in the middle and shorter ones on the two sides. Each of the braids is styled into French braids and pulled back together with the rest of the hair to form a man bun This is a fabulous Vintage braided bun boho hairstyle. The side cut braid and the low bun presents people a trendy and luscious look. Here are the steps. Leave two stocks at each side. Comb the rest hair into a low bun. Twist the left side hair and round the hair ends around the bun. Repeat the steps at the other side

How to Do a Low Bun - wikiHo

Begin your half-bun hairstyle by combing your hair into two parts right in line with your temples. Then, gather the top section of your hair (think: from your hairline to the crown of your head. 8.) Two Braids and Curly Bun. If you add a different texture and different elements in your hairstyle, it will look gorgeous and sophisticated. In this hairstyle, freshen up your updo with upgraded accent braids and add thin face framing streaks to get the fabulous look. Two braids and curly bun are one of the stunning updos for thin hair. 9. Braided Bun. This pretty braid-bun combo will make you look and feel like a princess. 1. To begin, create a basic ponytail. If you want a two-bun look, you can achieve it by starting with pigtails held securely with hair elastics. 2. Split the ponytail into two equal chunks. This is one you CAN do yourself, even if you're not a styling expert Divide your hair into two halves with a curved parting. Braid one side of your hair, beginning from the hairline and extending it all the way down to your neck. While braiding, keep adding more and more hair to it with each subsequent stitch. Repeat the same on the other side. Twirl the lower half of the braids into a low side bun to finish the.

4 Stylish Bun Hairstyles in Easy Video Tutorial

Jan 29, 2013 - Two French braids into a bun. Common dance/figure skating hair style Split your ponytail into two sections and pull a small section of hair from one side to the other back and forth all the way to the ends. Before securing your fishtail with an elastic, gently pull it apart so it looks extra fluffy and thick. Step 3: Wrap your braid into a bun Top Inspiration 53+ Two Buns With Braids Black Hair - Although often chosen for its practicality and smart appearance, hairstyle bun to be a safe option. In fact, the cutting of the cut make this an excellent choice for whatever who wants to stand at the moment look slim Out of all the specific ways to integrate braids into a bun, the crown braided bun is probably the most popular way of doing so. This typically requires the hair to be divided into two sections, with each being cornrowed to the back of the head, and finally tied into a bun. The shape the braids created around the head is what resembles a crown With 12 thick braids and one thin at the back, they're slick and pulled into a ponytail. Two more braids fall down the sides of his head to frame his face. # 17 Low Bun. Source. This is actually one of the most common hairstyles for men with braids. Rather than having the bun at the top, put it at the back of the head and just above the neck

4. Upside Down French Braid Bun by Luxy Hair. Practice definitely makes perfect with this effortlessly cool hairstyle. Leyla of Luxy Hair gives us the low down on how to get this business in the. Start two braids at each temple and tuck the ends under the other braid to hide where they join together. Pin in place and leave a long tail that you can brush into the long and loose back. This is a great style for using a really neat and even braid and a sleek, straight finish for the rest of your hair. 47. Braid four strands into two full braids Secure the braid with a small hair tie and repeat the same on the other side of your parting line. When both braids are complete, bring down the curls from the middle section. Grab all of your curls (including the two braids) and create a low ponytail

Video: 43 Braided Bun Hairstyles for Black Hair StayGla

Ransome suggests throwing knotless braids up in a high or low ponytail if you're going to work out, styling in a bun or half-up, half-down bun for dinner, or accessorizing an updo with flowers for. Three thin braids can become a base for a braided headband with strands going through it like through a waterfall braid. This is an excellent hairstyle for a girl with long thin straight hair. Source #37: Chunky Lacy Double Braid. The most inventive two braids hairstyles blend two different kinds of braids into one style

Dutch Braids and Messy Buns35 Natural Braided Hairstyles Without Weave
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