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The repeater input frequencies are exclusive to GMRS, and may only be used by licensed GMRS operators. GMRS operators are permitted to transmit at up to 50 watts , on the 16 main channels, but transmitting 1 to 5 watts is more common in practice (a) No GMRS license is required in order to transmit on this frequency if FRS limits and restrictions are followed. (b) This is a repeater input frequency and may be used only by licensed GMRS users. (c) FRS restrictions apply and include: integral (non-detachable) antenna; bandwidth maximum 12.5 kHz GMRS radios. And, since inexpensive FRS radios operate on similar frequencies, maybe these consumer-grade radios could become part of the solution. To that end, I applied to the FCC as control operator for a GMRS repeater, and was granted the license KAF7259. The repeater output frequency is 462.700 MHz; the input frequency is 467.700 MHz; with.

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  1. This is a comprehensive GMRS repeater database compiled by the GMRS community. Search the site and find GMRS repeaters in your area. Update them, comment on them, and recommend them
  2. myGMRS.com is a General Mobile Radio Service community where users can search and submit repeaters in their area
  3. There are some new requirements regarding marketing of new radios which I would assume would apply to new models. Specifically the radio cannot operate on frequencies other than GMRS. So if iCOM were persuaded to offer a new model repeater for GMRS service, the firmware would have to restrict the frequencies to GMRS
  4. The General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) is a licensed radio service that uses channels around 462 MHz and 467 MHz. The most common use of GMRS channels is for short-distance, two-way voice communications using hand-held radios, mobile radios and repeater systems
  5. Note that the output frequencies on channels 15R to 22R match that of the GMRS high power simplex frequencies (15-22); these channels are shared by simplex and repeater users. Configuring your radio to use repeaters depends on the make and model, its a little different for each one, and not every type of GMRS radio will be capable of doing this
  6. Topics about GMRS Mobile Radios, GMRS Handi-Talkies, GMRS Repeaters, GMRS Repeater use and/or sharing for local, state, and nationwide use. Also discussions pertaining to GMRS Rules & Regulation as set forth by the FCC and the sharing of experiences and knowledge of a licensed GMRS operator
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GMRS is allotted 30 frequency channels in the vicinity of 462 MHz and 467 MHz. They are divided into 16 main channels and 14 interstitial channels. Licensees may use the eight main 462 MHz channels for simplex communication or repeater outputs Learn more about the General Mobile Radio Service. GMRS Licensing. Keeping it legal, learn more about FCC requirements. myGMRS Network. Our repeaters are networked for regional and national coverage. Our Guidelines. Everything needs rules and our system is no exception. Click on a map for more information On GMRS the input frequency is 5MHz higher than the output. I.e. if you see repeater frequency listed as 462.550 MHz, the input will be 467.550 MHz. Your radio must be capable to switch between 467.xxx MHz for transmission and 462.xxx MHz for reception GMRS can operate on repeater receive frequencies, but FRS cannot. Repeaters use two frequencies, one on which they listen (receive) and one on which they talk (transmit). FRS can only use the frequency on which the repeaters talk. GMRS can use both and can talk to the repeater on the channel on which the repeater is listening The key difference between the GMRS and FRS frequencies is there are an added 8 GMRS frequencies that are intended to be used only for repeater inputs (in the 467 MHz range). Otherwise, the frequencies are the same, but power levels are different, and also in the high power channels, GMRS can use wideband FM as well as narrowband FM

Artsci Publishing P.O. Box 1428 Burbank, CA 91507 (818) 843-4080 Voic myGMRS.com is a two-way radio directory which lists GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) repeaters in the United States. With over 20,000 members and 2,000 repeaters, we are the largest and most complete GMRS community GMRS repeater channels access the extensive national network of repeater towers and can greatly increase the range of a GMRS radio, no matter the wattage. Repeater towers act as both a radio receiver and transmitter, receiving low powered signals and then blasting them out with even more power and covering longer distances without degradation. General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) is a land-mobile UHF radio service in the United States, near 462 and 467 MHz. GMRS shares the same frequencies wit Additional resources: TWRS-68 - An Introduction to Repeaters Radio 101 - How To activate repeater channels on a Motorola Talkabout radio *According to Olympia, the 50 channels consist of 22 FRS/GMRS and 28 extra channels

In layman's terms, GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) is a licensed radio service, which primarily uses channels, located between 462 MHz and 467 MHz. The use of these channels is to cover short-distance, and two-way communications with the help of hand-held radios, also known as repeater systems and mobile radios repeater channels GMRS repeaters receive and re-transmit your signal further than what your two-way radio can do on its own. With access to these powerful 8 GMRS repeater channels, your MicroMobile's operating range is extended even further in rugged obstructed terrain with the 15 watt and 40 watt MicroMobiles® Retevis RT97 GMRS 10W Portable Analog Mobile Repeater Repeater UHF, Compact size and Easy to setup, Weather resistant design, accessories inclulding the AC Adapter and DC power plug, the high power is 10 watts, extend your handheld two way radios or mobile analog radio range easily

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Retevis RT97 Portable GMRS Repeater has 8 channels, the output power 5W which certified by the FCC for use on GMRS. It's very simple to operate that you only need to add an external antenna and coaxial cable for communication. Retevis RT97 Portable GMRS Repeater of default frequenc Pofung P15UV GMRS 5W Handheld Radios, 250 Channel Two-Way Radio, Long Range Walkie Talkie, SOS Siren, NOAA Weather Receiver Scan, USB Rechargeable, GMRS Repeater, LED Flashlight, VOX $39.99 $ 39 . 99 Get it as soon as Thu, May GMRS Radio Frequencies. GMRS Repeater 1 16R 467.5750 462.5750 GMRS Repeater 2 17R 467.6000 462.6000 GMRS Repeater 3 18R 467.6250 462.6250 GMRS Repeater 4 19R 467.6500 462.6500 GMRS Repeater 5.

General Mobile Radio Service (or GMRS) The GMRS has 8 frequency pairs designated for GMRS repeater use, with the input and output frequencies separated by exactly 5 MHz, as listed in Table 1. Notice that we can use the kilohertz values of each pair as channel designators (e.g., channel 550, channel 575, and so forth). Table 1 The TX (repeater input) is +5 MHz from the RX (repeater output) frequency on GMRS. So, the proper TX frequency should be 467.600 MHz and not the 476.600 MHz you posted. It looks like you simply flipped the tens and ones place in the number

The default PL tone for GMRS repeater channels is 141.3 Hz, but it can be changed in the user's radio programming to another PL tone frequency as required to hit specific repeaters. PMR446. Personal Mobile Radio (PMR or PMR446) is a low power, short range, radio system similar to FRS. It is very common in Europe, Africa, and Asia As time went on, and with the advent of more and more users on the GMRS system, it became apparent that an organization was needed to police and coordinate the use of the GMRS network. Thus, NorCal RUG was born. NorCal RUG operates on the UHF frequency of 462.675 MHz with a repeater input frequency of 467.675 MHz Frequency Coordination For Repeater. The General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) is a North American land-mobile FM UHF radio service designed for short-distance two-way communication. It requires a license in United States but can be used license-free in Canada. 2.2k The last 8 frequencies in the chart, the ones without channel designations, are for use as repeater input frequencies. Most GMRS radios are designed for simplex operation and can't transmit on these frequencies. Which mostly doesn't matter because there are very few GMRS repeaters out there

PL tones may also be used to communicate on simplex (aka: direct) with other radios. To receive (or filter for) PL tones, your radio must: Have the ability to use tones; Be programmed to filter for the tone the repeater or other radio is sending; Arizona GMRS Repeater Club, Inc. - A 501(c)3 Recognized Nonprofit Organizatio GMRS, or the General Mobile Radio Service band is part of the PRS, or Personal Radio Service bands, as outlined by 47 CFR Part 95E (formerly Part 95A) of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), which regulates and makes rules for the use of all RF (Radio Frequency) radio spectrum in the United States. The band is usable for personal or business two-way radio communications with up to 50.

So I jumped into the world of radio with the GMRS sold on Amazon called the UV-5X distributed by Radioddity. Needed to replace the midland radios that were breaking down. Overall I am very happy with them and their performance and ability to use local repeater towers. The signal is clean and strong even on lower power but the antenna is a problem GMRS Handheld Radio RT76 combine the GMRS Repeater RT97. As I said at the begining, the Repeater RT97 can be customized with the GMRS. So Retevis GMRS Repeater RT97 setting will be: Tx 462mhz and Tx 467mhz, offset 5Mhz. Like the below picture: And because the GMRS hanheld radio has the fixed frequency, so no need to program your Handheld radio

Repeater Capable GMRS Radios FRS Radios MURS Radios Mobile Radios Portable Radios Midland MXT400VP3 MicroMobile GMRS Radio Value Pack. Sold Out View. Midland MXT275 MicroMobile Repeater-Capable GMRS Radio 15W. Regular price $149.99 View. BTECH Baofeng GMRS-V1 Repeater-Capable GMRS Radio. The GMRS-V1 is FCC certified (Part 95A) for use on GMRS frequencies. The GMRS-V1 is also FCC certified for VHF/UHF scanning capabilities (Part 15B) The GMRS-V1 is easy and straight forward to use. The GMRS-V1 comes with GMRS two-way and GMRS repeater channels pre-programmed There are many new 22 channel FRS/GMRS radios being sold now. The biggest selling point is the increased range the higher power GMRS frequencies give the user. Although FCC rules require you to have a GMRS licence to use the GMRS requencies and increased power levels (the unlicensed FRS radios are limited to 1/2 watt) few people are bothering.

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6 GMRS repeaters found in Indiana = On-Air = Off-Air = Testing = Unknown Click on the frequency for additional details. Click on a header to sort. Note: Sorting does not carry through to exports! Frequency TT ORI Location County Owner Use Modes; 462.575: Hammond: Lake: WRDC559 The General Mobile Radio Service, or GMRS, consists of 30 frequencies that include 22 GMRS and 8 GMRS repeater frequencies. As a general rule, these frequencies are pre-programmed to specific channels by the manufacturer, which are standard across the industry. The frequencies on repeater channels RP15-RP22 are preset, as they are pre-assigned.

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(Yes, Ham Operators still need to obtain a GMRS License, to use GMRS Radios) [Monday Night GMRS and Ham Nets in Seattle] GMRS requires an inexpensive license from the FCC (approx. $70 for 10 years), which an entire household gets to use. No classes, no test to pass, and good Repeater-Capable handie-talkies are available for $60 or so The fully programmable radios (such as Baofeng BF-F8HP and higher end multi-band radios) are not legal for GMRS, yet they're some of the few radios capable of accessing repeaters. What radios are other people using (mobile, handheld, or base station) to access GMRC repeaters? I'm looking at options for being compliant and connected

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The FCC allows for GMRS radios to have significant power increases from FRS radios (which are limited to .5W on channels 8-14, and 2W on channels 1-7 & 15-22). This power increase can be utilized fully on channels 15 - 22 where GMRS power is allowed up to 50W (for mobile units, handhelds limited to 5W) This repeater service increases the range dramatically, with each individual repeater being able to send out signal up to a 20 mile diameter around it. The range for GMRS radios using repeaters can be up to hundreds of miles. GMRS radios share channels 1-7 with the FRS, but have their own specific channels of 15-22

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GMRS: 16 UHF frequencies, eight for simplex and repeater outputs, eight for repeater inputs. Inputs and outputs are usually paired 5 MHz. apart, but any pairing of an input and output frequency is legal. CTCS (Control Tone Coded Squelch) is usual on repeaters. FCC license required, may be obtained by any individual for personal communications New England Repeater Directory (NERD) is the most accurate and up to date amateur radio repeater database available in our region. The listings are a reflection of each system's true status, regardless of their coordination*. Maintained by local volunteers of the amateur radio community, our data entry team instantly enters all changes and. Complete radio kit features the waterproof GMRS 25-watt radio, UNI-MAG antenna mount, and Point-5 GMRS Antenna. Features multiple pre-programmed channels, 8 repeater channels and 15 GMRS channels. The GMR25 with 10-12 mile range instantly connects to most GMRS radios providing even more flexibility on the trail. Easil Motorola - Talkabout 25-Mile, 22-Channel FRS/GMRS 2-Way Radios - White with red lanyard bar. Model: T260TP. SKU: 5713811. User rating, 4.3 out of 5 stars with 23 reviews. (23) Price Match Guarantee. $78.99 Your price for this item is $78.99. Add to Cart

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This FM radio service covers the frequency range of 462 to 467 MHz. All of its channels are distributed within this short range. You can use it to conduct two-way voice communications just like walkie-talkies. A GMRS radio device comes with the option of repeater additions for extended ranges Max out your GMRS performance with the Midland MicroMobile® MXT400 two-way radio. With 40 Watts of broadcasting power, this radio is the most powerful GMRS radio made by Midland. Especially useful on massive, sprawling properties like farms and ranches, this radio utilizes 15 GMRS channels and 8 high-powered repeater channels

New Listing Portable GMRS Repeater M1225 4 Channels. Pre-Owned. $550.00. Buy It Now. Free shipping. Watch; S p o n s o r e d. GMRS HAM UHF +5dB gain Repeater Base Antenna . Commercial, UHF repeater/base antenna. Brand New. $48.00. Buy It Now +$3.50 shipping. 375 sold. Watch; S p o n s o r e d. GMRS Kenwood TK-880H UHF40W Mobile Radio w/ Free. In the US, radios above 0.5 watt require a GMRS license. Power limits. In Canada, you're limited to 2 watts power on the GMRS and combined GMRS/FRS channels, and 0.5 watts on the GMRS channels. In the US, if you have a license, you can go to 5 watts on the GMRS/FRS and GMRS channels. Repeaters. There is no provision for legal usage of GMRS. A GMRS repeater with an antenna that is high above the surrounding terrain can extend the usable range up to 20 miles or more. BTECH sells both handheld and mobile GMRS radios. The The GMRS-V1 is a handheld radio compatible with all brands of FRS and GMRS radios and GMRS repeaters. Channels are wideband and narrowband compatible

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  1. NOTE: FRS RADIOS USUALLY INCLUDE GMRS AS CHANNELS 15 TO 22 THAT HAVE A LONGER RANGE THAN FRS FREQUENCIES AS RADIO ARE ALLOWED UP TO 5 WATTS YET TYPICALLY ONLY TRANSMIT AT A MAXIMUM OF 1.5 WATTS. The Baofeng transmits at around 4 watts. To access GMRS repeater, use the default tone that is 141.3 and shift up 5.0 MHz
  2. Seems this is the core of your question. I have used a radio called a Pryme PR 460 in the past that is perfect for GMRS repeater use because they are preprogrammed with the regular array of FRS and GMRS simplex frequencies AND GMRS channels with correct repeater shifts you need to operate into a repeater. In addition, these have privacy tones (PL?) and a nifty digital ID feature so you know.
  3. More notes on making a repeater Program each TH-9000D on separate frequencies, typically 5 MHz difference on UHF for Ham or GMRS Example: 467.650 RX, 462.650 TX (GMRS)
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GMRS 1 in: 50 W: Repeater input. CTCSS tone required for use. See repeater operator for details. 467.5750: GMRS 2 in: 50 W: Repeater input. CTCSS tone required for use. See repeater operator for details. 467.6000: GMRS 3 in: 50 W: Repeater input. CTCSS tone required for use. See repeater operator for details. 467.6250: GMRS 4 in: 50 W: Repeater. Repeaters began to proliferate in the 1980s after the prevalence of unlicenced operations in the Class D Citizens Band made HF CB radios unusable in many applications. In the 2000s, the proliferation of hybrid FRS/GMRS radios has created a serious problem for GMRS licensees. These mass-marketed radios have wreaked havoc on the frequencies These frequencies and tones are common to all FRS and GMRS radios in existence. Any combination of the two can be used when communicating between family and friends when hiking, shopping, car-to-car, or any other possible use that you may have. Please note that these tones, despite retailer advertising, do NOT provide privacy to your conversation The frequencies, power and narrow bandwidth for FRS are in the orange box in the table. With General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS), which requires a license, you can run wide bandwidth, higher power (except for channels 08-14), and you can use repeater input frequencies for channels (15-22). See also Wikipedia, and FCC Rules and Regulation Radio Distance Range Comparison of Ham CB FRS MURS GMRS Radios. Covers Ham HF, 11 meters, CB, SSB, VHF FM, 2 meters, 10 meters, UHF walkie talkies, handy talkies, HT, backpack radios, manpack radios

When the repeater receives a signal from a hand-held or mobile radio that signal is rebroadcast on the repeater output frequency. The repeater can broadcast over a much wider geographical area than a hand held or mobile radio, due to its greater antenna height over the ground and surrounding trees or objects. Most GMRS users do not own a. GMRS Radios operate in the UHF Band from 462 MHz to 467 MHz. On channels 1 thru 7 output power is 5 watts, on channels 15 to 22 the output power is 50 watts, and you can operate in Repeater Mode. The GMRS Band is FM only, no AM or SSB. When it comes to fiberglass truck bodies, NO Problem, there are efficient NO Ground antennas with GAIN!.

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  1. finding new gmrs radios. editions of the repeater newsletter. contact nsea & permission to use repeaters. sample contract - cooperative shared use of gmrs repeater - §95.1705(f)(4) fcc rules & regulations. information about gmrs, frs and using local repeaters (written in 2010) public service projects
  2. Midland MXT400 GMRS mobile radio is repeater capable. The question is, how do you activate and set up the repeater channels? In this episode of Radio 101, w..
  3. The following PL (CTCSS) Tone Chart was found at this great site, KV5R.COM CTCSS (PL ®) Tones for various radios. If you want GMRS and FRS radios of differing brands to talk to each other, you'll need this info.. Note: Many FRS makers call these privacy codes. Be aware that there's nothing private about it - any scanner can pick up FRS, regardless of the privacy code setting

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Typically these are dual FRS and GMRS units, with fixed antennas, and operating at 2 watts on some GMRS channels and 0.5 watts on the FRS-only channels. Mobile units (permanently mounted in vehicles), base stations and repeaters are not currently permitted on the GMRS channels in Canada GMRS - General Mobile Radio Service — Channels also designed for family and recreational use but allow for a bit more communication distance than the FRS channels. These channels allow for the ability to use detachable antennas and repeater stations to lengthen the distance of communication Midland - MXT115, 15 Watt GMRS MicroMobile Two-Way Radio - 8 Repeater Channels By midland 9.2 View Product HAM or GMRS repeater ID-O-MATIC w/ your TYT TH-9000D Radios CW programmed 9.7 9. NWI GMRS is not only about GMRS radio, but all community two-way radio communications. We encourage GMRS, HAM, MURS, FRS, and CB'ers to join us! We all enjoy radio for similar reasons, why not work together and combine all of our resources through NWI GMRS. If you are into facebook, please Like us, you can use the button to the right

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  1. GMRS Repeater Frequencies. CH Type Frequency FRS Limits GMRS Limits 15 FRS/GMRS 462.5500 2W / 12.5kHz 50W / 20kHz* GMRS repeater output, also shared FRS and GMRS simplex 16 FRS/GMRS 462.5750 2W / 12.5kHz.
  2. The Repeater System is open to all licensed GMRS users and is generally accessed by using a CTCSS tone. All interested licensees who wish to use the system repeaters are required to obtain permission prior to using the repeater(s). Contact Gary at Gary@NorthGeorgiagmrs.com or register for Membership
  3. Dual-Service or Hybrid Radios FRS/GMRS These common radios provide access to both the FRS and GMRS bands • FRS channels (1-14) and • GMRS channels (1-7 & 15-22). • GMRS channels requires an FCC operator's license. These radios may be used without a license, if • the FRS only channels (8-14) are used, o
  4. Cobra 16-Mile 22-Channel FRS/ GMRS Walkie Talkie 2-Way Radios, CX112 (2 Pair) 9.9 9.4 10.0 2: BAOFENG UV-5X GMRS Radio Repeater Capable Long Range Two-Way Radio NOAA 2Pac
  5. The GMRS-50X1 is a 50 Watt GMRS mobile radio compatible with all brands of FRS and GMRS radios. It is also compatible with GMRS repeaters. Channels are wideband and narrowband compatible. The GMRS-50X1 is also a VHF and UHF scanning receiver capable of adding additional channels for receive only (such as NOAA weather and other channels of.

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Canada's General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) operates on assigned frequencies in the 462/467 MHz UHF bands, and are channelized as follows (based upon channelization settings for Cobra radios. Other radio manufactures may assign different channels to the various frequencies The GMRS Linked Network is a FREE network that is using software called App_Rpt/Asterisk . Our Network of private individual owned simplex and repeaters are linked together 24/7 using the internet. This Site is here to help inform you of what you will need to know to get you link with our network GMRS mobile radios let you stay in touch with family and friends, whether hitting the trails in your Jeep, Tacoma, overland rig, or camping in the woods. GMRS radios come packed with essential features, like NOAA weather channels and alerts, and iVOX/VOX hands-free communication, so it's easy to stay in touch - and stay safe - no matter what your situation

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  1. e on ebay) and install using driver from Miklor or the CD. 2. Install Chirp (Daily build) 3. Download setup file (GMRS-MURS-FRS1-7-and-1-COP.img.
  2. For example, channel one could really be GMRS repeater channel 22, and channel 2 is GMRS channel 15, and channel 3 on the radio your favorite ham radio repeater frequency. The downside is that this radio costs in excess of $200 new. GMRS is indeed a liscenced band, and it is very important to get liscenced while we're still in a time of peace
  3. g. Channel Mode - Used for selecting preprogrammed channels. All program
  4. The General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) is a licensed radio service that uses channels around 462 MHz and 467 MHz. The most common use of GMRS channels is for short-distance, two-way voice communications using hand-held radios, mobile radios and repeater systems. In 2017, the FCC expanded GMRS to also allow short data messaging applications including text messaging and GPS location information
  5. GMRS Frequencies Posted 03 May 2005 Updated 13 Jun 2005. Only individuals can obtain a GMRS radio station license, and only members of the person's immediate family can operate the radio stations under that individual licensees control
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See what GMRS Frequencies (gmrsfrequencies) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas The repeater PL has Changed to 88.5 TX/RX however it will still accept the old pl of 103.5 input for now to allow folk to reprogram their radios etc. the repeater only transmits pl 88.5. Olomana UHF Repeater is linked to Mauna Kapu UHF. Frequency 444.150 / 449.150 with a PL Tone of 88.5. 6. 147.100+ Repeater PL 110.9 Handheld GMRS radios put out around 0.5 watts and most of that is lost in the crappy, non-resonant antennas. Gbcue is actually being generous! If you can regularly get a third of a mile out of. Arizona GMRS Repeater User Group, Glendale, Arizona. 507 likes · 1 talking about this. Arizona GMRS Repeater User Group, operating GMRS radios and repeaters with friends and family. FCC license is.. Repeater use may require a subscription. More channels than a standard FRS. With the popularity of FRS, many of those channels are busy. Choose from 15 higher power GMRS channels to locate a quiet channel for your use. 7 channels are shared with FRS channels. You can also communicate with any FRS radios on these 7 channels

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